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Veggies & Fruits together potted.

Combining veggies and flowers is a creative way to enhance certain plants to each other visually and culturally.  It also is convenient since it doesn't take scientific talent to achieve.  Experiment with what you like and find out what works.  We have a few tips to help when choosing which items to pot together but you need to try things that you like and see what you can grow successfully.
Harvesting these combinations is fun and interesting but you can also plant combinations for decoration.  Dried pods work great with beautiful floral wreaths or table arrangements.  Use dried sunflower heads in arrangements of colorful vegetables and flowers.  Select colorful planters that compliment the combinations or go with traditional terracotta clay for the earth loving feel.
As always, the main idea is to have fun being creative and use combinations you like.


Marigolds with tomatoes:
  Strong scented marigolds repel insects and help tomatoes grow more productively.  Grown beneath tomatoes, marigolds also suppress weeds from growing out the top of your planter.  Morning glories attract hoverflies, which feed on aphids, thus keeping the pests away from corn.  Plant is colorful containers that accent the red of the tomato or the gold of the marigolds.  Nice!


Nasturtiums repel squash bugs and other insects that attack cabbage, cucumbers and squash.  Members of the chive, garlic and onion family protect their companions from insects and deter rabbits from eating the flowers.
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