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The Power of Colored Pottery

The Power of Colored Garden Planters!

Try this experiment.  Visit a local garden center where there is a large selection of colored garden planters.  Do the blue shades calm you down?  Are you warmed and energized by reds?  Do you gravitate toward greens?  How about the natural appeal of terracotta pottery?

We are incredibly sensitive to color. In face, the human eye can detect seven million unique variations.  We are also very sensitive to the mood and feelings that colors can create.


Psychologist Ayben Ertem, who researches the effects of color on human behavior, says pink tones tend to be soothing and relaxing.  To encourage deeper conversations, she suggest using orange pots around a patio to encourage people to talk and share.  Want to experience a relaxing feel when laying around the pool?  Use lavender or purple since they have a relaxing effect.


When it comes to planning out a color scheme it is best to stick with neutrals. White, Black or Terracotta planters.  These go with all plant materials and decorating details like patio chairs and cushions.  When you want the star to be the plants and not the pots these are great choices.

Of course, your best bet may be to forget about the color "rules" and simply surround yourself with shades and hues you enjoy most. 
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Arizona Pottery New Colored Clay Items for 2016

Moka chocolate garden flowerpots

As we start a New Year at Arizona Pottery, we are already thinking of the next planting season.  This year we have some new items that we would like to tell you about.

White terracotta clay garden planters
New Colored Clay Pottery - What is Moka, white & Grafite clay?  Our Italian manufacturer has produced a line of garden pottery for the person who is looking for something different & unique in looks, similar to traditional styles and updated in technology.

Our new line of garden
containers is made from REAL clay that is colored. We now have milky Moka, white terracotta & gorgeous Grafite grey.  Colors we have never seen before in the pottery industry. Colors that will match your 2016 color pallets and add a pop of color to your decorating needs.

 Graffite Grey Garden Planters

Besides color what else is new?  Besides the stunning new colors of clay we are offering these
planters are so much more.  Frost resistant, eco-friendly all natural materials and new styles & sizes, all add up to a product that you will want to have in your collection.  Squares and rectangle shapes which are difficult to manufacture and ship but still in high demand.  Tall bell shapes with rounded bottoms, rough textures & smooth silky finishes.  We are just starting out with a small selection of new  planters for you to examine but never fear, we will be bringing in much more.
Colored Clay - Eco-friendly materials -  Frost resistant - New Styles - New Sizes
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Arizona Pottery NEW Colored Clay Pottery

Arizona Pottery Colored Clay Garden Planters

We are so happy and proud to introduce a new line of clay
pottery. For years we have been working with the most well know and highest qualify clay manufacturer in Italy. This year they have introduced a new line of clay pottery that is made with colors not normally seen in garden pottery.   New styles and size add to the excitement we feel when presenting this line to our customers. Just look at the photos below to see these wonderful new clays!

Graffite - grey clay
White Terracotta - a lighter shade of red clay
Moka - chocolate brown clay
Terracotta - our usual red with new styles

Graffite is a light shade of grey. Perfect for a contemporary setting where you want something unique instead of the red clay you see at every garden center.  These planters are frost resistant, made of eco-friendly materials.  We introduce new styles and sizes all done in this stunning graffite color.

Graffite Grey Clay Garden Pottery From Arizona Pottery

Moka clay:  This chocolate brown clay is very different and a best seller already.
Moka lends itself to a traditional and contemporary setting.  Its rich color is a great compliment to any green plant or group of colorful flowers. This line of planters come in rectangles, squares, and standard shapes.  Eco-friendly and frost resistant makes these a superior product for planters.


White terracotta
:  Have you ever heard of this?  It's a clay that is much lighter than the typical red clay terracotta but still have the same color hues.  New styles and sizes in this line make it even more exciting.  Eco-friendly and frost resistant also makes them in high demand.

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Make A Hobbit Garden In A Flowerpot


Making a fairy garden or a hobbit house in a garden planter is fun, magical, and easy to do.  We found this at and had to share.

Start by collecting all  items that will be used in the hobbit house pot.  Use our color  bowl planter which comes in many bright beautiful colors. (shown)Get gravel, moss, soil, grass, trees and the fun stuff like a hobbit door, window, chimney, and accessories.  You will need scissors, clippers, hot glue gun, watering can and small brush along with a ton of imagination!

Start by putting a pea sized pebbles in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage. Place the sheet moss over the gravel to help with filtration and to keep the soil from sinking to the bottom.  You will use extra moss to cover the top of your plants.

Remove 2 small plants from nursery pots and place the plant aside for now.  Glue the bottom of the pot and secure the door and window. Place these aside to dry.

Pull the pot with potting soil and shape it so you have a hill on one side of the pot and a flat surface on the other.  Add your tree to the left side of your hill, right on the edge of your pot.  Now add the door at the base of tree.  Then the window and then grass above the window.


Lastly fill in the gaps using miniature plants.  Fill in with more soil where needed.  Add your miniature furniture, mailbox and garden bench.  This is where you can get super creative!


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Celebrate America!

Create an effortless salute to red, white and blue blooms with these clever combination strategies!
 31352-Deconstruct-PlanterInstead of mixing colors in one pot, try a stepped skyline of containers, each holding a single color bloom.  The radiating shape of these daisies makes them feel like they are bursting out like fireworks.  Use different sizes of planters and heights.  It really adds to the character of the pots and creates a wonderful and colorful look.
 31354-Hanging-PlanterTo successfully marry plants in a hanging basket, do what the pro's do.  Combine one type of large flowers like the red petunia shown in the photograph with smaller scaled trailing accent flowers like the cobalt blue lobelias, periwinkle verbenas and white bacopa copa.  Create the perfect blend of impact and drape all inside a terracotta hanging planter or ceramic pot.
 31353-Color-Block-ContainerA bright patchwork of red marigolds and blue campanulas reads patriotic when planted in a shllow white pot or ceramic bowl.  The low bowl shape draws attention to the vibrant blooms rather than the container.  When placed on the ground near the door, the arrangement is the pefect way to greet guests!
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Stunning Floral Salute

This independence Day floral designers are giving red, white and blue blooms a boost with fresh herbs.  The herbs add surprising texture and fragrance to this arrangement of asters, salvia and zinnias.  Plus the touch of yellow from the fennel adds a modern twist to the classic patriotic palette.

Cut 24 garden flowers, 8 each of red, white and blue to 10" in height.  Hold one red, one white and one blue stem in your hand, twirling the bunch as you add the remaining flowers once at a time, alternating colors. Set the bouquet into a water filled high glossy blue garden vase or planter. Let the stems fall naturally and then start filling in the gaps with fennel and sage.  The spiky buds of the fennel and fuzzy soft leaves of the sage not only add color, texture but a delightful fragrance that is lovely.

Garden blooms often have soft stems that will droop in the vase over time and during summers heat.  If your container's bouquet starts to look faint, simply slip three skewers into the heart of the arrangement, angling them to create a tepee in the center. This triangle framework provides a makeshipf trellis that will prop up the leaning flowers.
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Fall Fireworks

Trees, shrubs, and frost tolerant grasses and perennials ignite a passion for the glories of autumn when planted in your garden pottery & plant containers.
Wrapped in blazing gold and firey red with flickers of violet blue, an autumn landscape captures all the colors of a flame, and it's just mesmerizing.  Sit outside under a blazing tree canopy and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.  Don't leave your garden plants sitting empty.  Fill with fierce bold colorful plants and finish the look.

The variety of
potted plants make any patio or garden area inviting with this lovely glow.  Witch hazel draws the eye and feet to the sweetest surprise by creating a fire bowl, stuffed full of this plant.  Blue notes included Lambs ear, blue spruce and blue gray ornamental grasses. Gold spirea and golden mop cypress, potted, add bring yellow green pops so plant them in traditional terracotta or bold colorful garden planters.
You don't have to have a big plan.  Just go with the idea that right now a touch of color is enough to make you want to wander into your yard and adore the beauty.
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Hightlight Your Garden Pottery With Color. Part II


Here are a few more tips we promised in the earlier blog.  They should aid you in selecting color to put in your garden pottery & planters.
Did you know that color effects your emotions?  Bright colors such as red & yellow excite us and make us feel warm, where blue, green and pink are considered cooler and calmer!  Maybe you want to create a planter that makes you feel warm and exited.  Use exciting colors as yellow and scarlet.  In the backyard where you want a more relaxed feel select the pots with rose, and blue shades.
Monochromatic potted arrangements emphasize a single color with flowers or foliage of various hues.  Though the emphasis is on one color, its not the same color but different hues of the same color.  Even an all white garden pot is best emphasized with shades of silver, cream and pale yellow.  Stunning!

When setting up your color palette, plan it out so that your potted display is focused and unified.  The area of display inside a garden planter is small and confined.  The details, colors and combinations should accent the rest of the yard, finding the right mix is sometimes difficult but rewarding.
If you are stuck about what color palette to use, try white, which is very calm and neutral.  It combines with many colors to develop different moods.  White and green create a fresh feel and by adding yellow to the mix produces a cool tone that still lively.  White combined with pink and blue gives off a romantic feel.
Lastly, for a restrained, yet vibrant attention getting feel, try purple.  Place with gray and pink,it produces a sophisticated look.  For a lighthearted stylish feel poisiton it with yellow and light brown.
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Highlight Your Garden Pottery With Color! Part I

Choose from all the colors of nature to create garden planters that are the highlight of your garden or patio area.  Many times adding color to your garden area in pottery is a way to bring that color into your life.  It can excite, stimulate, soothe or refresh you.  Many times the hues of color in your planters is a way of showing who you really are.  Besides the beauty of it all, the smells are wonderful.
When planning your future pots, use light colored annuals such as white, pink and pale blue rather then dart tones to bring light into the area.  If you use deep dark colors in shady areas try to mix colorful bright ones among them to help develop a contrast that will stand out.
For maximum effect think about how the flowers & greens will blend or contrast with their surroundings.  Pot of deep red geraniums against a red brick wall or redwood fence will not pop as would white or pink.  On the other hand, white geraniums will not stand out against a white picket fence or siding of your home.  Use bold colors like burgundy or purple against white backgrounds and light colors like pink or peach against darker surfaces.  Easy!

For the inside of your home, use 3 or 4 colors as a theme.  Use with repetition they unify garden areas just as they unify the rooms inside a home.  Example:  containers with gold or pink petunias can tie different areas of your home together just like it can the garden, patio or yard area.
Try to stick with focal points.  Group containers of one color in the center of an area, then surround these with pots of flowers or foliage that contrast in color, texture and height.  You can use this same technique to draw attention away from an unsightly area, since the views eye will be drawn to the vivid display.
These are just a few of the tips that we can share.  Read the next Pottery Post Blog entry for a few more.
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Fiery Fall Garden Planters

This time of year when you look out your window do you see nothing but gray?  Arizona Pottery has a few suggestions for you  where you can pot some plants that will take your boring to "fiery".  It's as simple as planting the right stuff.  By potting some orange leaves, red smokin flowers and mixing in a few berries, you can create garden planters that will ignite your garden or patio area this autumn.

If you are just a bit tired or want an easy way to set the area on fire then start with the easiest most radiant flowers.   Mums in reds and oranges, marigolds which always look stunning this time of year, salvias and herbs smell good and add intense colors to any display.  Take a simple garden pot like terracotta and set it on fire with an intense burst of color from any of these types of plants & flowers.

Want something a bit more dramatic?  Try lion's tail it will grow very tall and burst with orange blooms that are great for attracting hummingbirds, and butterflies.  To really burst on the scene with color start with a colorful red, orange, copper or rust garden planter and then fill it with deep intense greens.  Very ornamental in nature.
Think berries would be fun?  There are many types of trees and shrubs that offer fall and winter berries that are brightly lit.  The crab apple is really easy and hard to kill.  Make sure it's disease resistant and you will be richly rewarded with color from spring thru winter.  How about trying to grow some vibrant leaves for decorating with.  Of course Maple are the easy choice.  Their stunning red and orange leaves are lacy, poetic and radiant in garden pottery.  Make sure you find the size that is easy to pot and you will be rewarded with blazing color.

The next time you look out your garden window and see nothing but gray, that is the time to start planning on potting up a few of the suggestions we made and see if you can turn that into a blazing garden of color.
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