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Many people find that for one reason (poor clay soil) or another (no space) that they have to become creative when it comes to planting a garden.  So many folks tend to take for granted the space and conditions they have when deciding what to plant and where to plant.


Mixing up different types of plant materials is common when limited for space.  Having succulents, orchids, calla lilies, cactus all sitting side by side is normal.  If you like the color of a certain plant you just tend to bring it home without having any kind of plan.  As soon as you run our of room you will become more selective.


Hanging pots as a vertical garden, or wall garden has become very popular with people becoming more creative and creative when it comes to planting a garden with no space to spare. When making a plan try to figure out where the sun or shade hits and plant accordingly.  


When it comes to collections of different planters, try grouping them for maximum impact instead of scattering them around, where they may get lost among the leaves etc.  Guest can view the entire garden from a deck or patio area which makes it easy and fun when showing off a new pot or garden plant.  Use bare walls on the outside of your home to showcase collections of unusual containers like tea-pots or old shoes.


Place potted trees where you may need a privacy screen or a unsightly view.  Place roses in garden pots where they add a wonderful scent and color to that garden area.  

When it comes to containers - use anything you like.  Mix terracotta with ceramic, rectangles with bowls and clay with lightweight poly resin.  There is no right or wrong here, just get crazy with it.

Hope we helped give you some ideas so you can become a pottery collector of your own!

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Start a collection.

Once houseplants become more of a consuming hobby than a passing pleasure, you will begin to look for more ways to feed your passion.  One option is to start a collection of a particular type of plant, whether a large and diverse groups such as cacti, or a smaller interesting group like African Violets (shown).


Start by grouping your plants to find an arrangement that pleases you.
The design will look more interesting if you can create a cascade effect using florist's foam to build up different levels.  Build up the back of the display with the foam first.  Fill in the spaces in front in steps.  Try the plants for size so that you can use more foam beneath the pots if needed.

Arrange the plants to look as though they could be growing as a natural group and not in straight rows.  Fill the spaces between the pots with moss.


When selecting a container you have many options.  Match the color of the pot to the accent colors in the room.  Do you have bright red pillows? Then select a bright red planter to compliment and draw your attention to the brightness.  Do you have a rattan table?  Then use a bamboo theme planter.  Is everything natural with neutral colors?  Stick with a clay terracotta planter.  It's a natural product that is lovely with sun baked terracotta color tones.
To find the best range of plants do not go to just one garden nursery.  Hunt for specialists for imaginative and superior items not seen everywhere else.  Plant early in spring when the selections are the best.
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