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Let's Grow Cilantro In A Flowerpot

 8627 Cilantro Indoors

Think it would be fun to grow cilantro in a flower pot?  Well, it's very easy to do!  The best part is that it is not only easy to do but think of what you can do with fresh cilantro growing indoors during winter!  Salsa anyone!


Cilantro grows best in cooler temps.  It does well when potted outside in spring, fall and even early winter.  Unfortunately if you want to grow cilantro outside during the summer it will go to seed fast and end its' growing life.  So the best thing to do is fill a garden pot with it indoors and have it available all year long.


Start by filling
 with potting mix.  Cilantro likes all kinds of pottery so this is the time to choose a planter that matches your home decor.  Just make sure that there is a drain hole.  No herb not even cilantro likes to have it's roots sitting in stagnant water.  Water the potting mix now and get it damp.  Make sure the overflow comes out the bottom of the pots drain hole. 


Sprinkle the cilantro seed over the surface of the moist soil evenly.  Cover with 1/4" of potting soil and mist it with water to moisten.  Now is the time to start misting the soil to keep it moist till the seeds germinate.

Take the pot and place in direct sunlight.  Hopefully the potted cilantro will get 6 hrs of direct sunlight per day. Mist the soil when it begins to dry out and keep misting for 7 days till germination.


Now water the plants when the top soil dries and rotate the pot so that all sides of the cilantro get sunlight. Here is the fun part.  Harvesting the cilantro leaves.  Wait till the indoor potted plant grows 4" in height and have full size leaves.  Cut the leaves with kitchen shears leaving at least one set of leaves on each plant.  We recommend you harvest off different sections of the pot so that each plant has time to regrow.

Lastly fertilize the potted cilantro when the plants are 6 weeks old.  This will help to keep the grow steady and healthy.  Now top salsa with these beauties and enjoy.  

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Grow Cilantro In A Garden Pot

Wouldn't it be nice to have cilantro growing right outside your kitchen door in a lovely garden pot?  Whenever you wanted to fix Mexican salsa or guacamole, or a Middle Eastern yogurt sauce for lamb kabobs, there the lacy, sweetly pungent leaves would be, ready to harvest.


But if you have ever tried to grow it, you have probably noticed that cilantro yields a fast crop; plants are barely up before they try to flower and set seeds.  So those tasty leaves aren't around long, especially in warm weather.

To keep leaves coming, you can sow seeds every two weeks for a continuous crop.  Or, even better, try the method we recommend.  Grow cilantro as you would mesclun.  Sow seeds thickly in a wide, shallow container or garden bowl  then, as as plants are 3 to 4 inches tall and sporting a couple of cut able leaves, use scissors to cut off some foliage for cooking.


Shear from a different section of the container ever time, rotating the pot as you go and never letting plants in any area mature.  By the time you get back to the first section harvested, new leaves will have appeared.  EASY!

Easy tips to follow:

1.  Select a bowl shaped planter pot at least 18" wide and 8" to 10" deep.  Obviously the larger the better for a nice supply.

2.  Fill the pot with a fasting draining potting soil and  mix in an organic fertilizer.

3.  Before seeding, moisten the soil using a fine spray from the hose.  Because the seeds are fairly small, mix them in a bowl with sand so they will disperse evenly and not clump together.

4.  Gently mist the soil so as not to displace the seeds.

5.  Place the container in full sun and the seeds should germinate in 7 to 10 days.

6.  Harvest according to the instructions listed above.  It is possible to harvest 4 crops from a single pot.


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