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DIY Christmas Tree Planter

DIY Christmas Tree Stand from Sweet Something Design Blog


We saw this clever idea on how to make your own Christmas stand using a garden
flowerpot and a few other items.  It's a very natural, almost rustic look that is perfect for most home or patio areas.

20" large terracotta flower pot
Manila rope (3 bags/rolls)
Plastic Utility Bucket
50 lb bag of concrete
Hot Glue Gun
Jig Saw


Place the pot on the kitchen counter to make it easy to work with.  Of course if you have a work bench or green house they work also. Starting from the bottom of the garden planter, begin gluing on the rope, keeping it nice and tight.  Just glue randomly, every few rows or so. Keep going all the way to the top.


If you want to possibly use this pot like this then don't put the concrete directly into this pot.  Use the utility bucket instead so you can use this rope covered garden pot for other purposes later.


Take the bucket and cut the top off it if sticks over the flowerpot opening.  Mix the concrete right into the bucket.  It took a whole bag for this one.  Stick the legless tree with pole right into the mixture. Cure over night.  The add the top pieces of the tree with the branches on them.

It makes an artificial tree look real.  Now you get to trim it.  Good Luck Everyone!

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How To Care For A Christmas Cactus

Tips for growing a potted Christmas Cactus


Seeing a Christmas cactus in full bloom is stunningly beautiful. In Winter when everything outside is grey, white & cold the burst of bright color from a
potted Christmas cactus is a joy to see.

The stark differences are amazing.  As a gift this potted cactus will last much longer than a flower arrangement.  Blooming near the holidays makes them wonderful gift and great home decorations.


If you choose to buy one before October, make sure that it doesn't have any visible buds.  This will ensure that it is still in dormancy and will be getting ready to set blooms for the holiday.  The key to getting the best blooms and a long living plant is to keep your planted Christmas cactus located in a well lit room out of direct sunlight.

In the fall, a potted Christmas cactus will require 12 hours of darkness.  It's best to keep your Christmas cactus in a room that has bright, natural, indirect light and choose a room that is not artificially lit in the evening.  This will encourage it to set buds.

Water the pot every 3 days depending on how humid your climate it. Indoor winter air is dry and temps are fairly even so watering one a week will be enough to keep your Christmas cactus happy.  Mist regularly and don't let the soil dry out.  Water when the top inch or two becomes dry.


The potted Christmas cactus loves humidity so keep it away from hot sun.  In the Fall, reduce watering to stimulate blooming.  Use cactus or succulent soil mix as soil. In the Summer, bring your planter outside and set in a shady location.

Fertilize in the Spring and Summer with a balanced fertilizer.  Be aware, if you notice buds falling off before opening, it means you are over watering

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Spoon Snowmen In Terracotta Flowerpots

Turn a plastic spoon into a snow man in a flowerpot

Love this crafty idea using our clay flowerpots.  This project is a bit more involved but look how cute they turn out and you will have them for year of year to display.  These would work great for place holders also by writing the names of each guest right on the pot rims.

Flowerpot snowmen DIY craft idea

Supplies for one snowman.

1 - 4" clay flower pot
Plastic Spoon
Blue craft acrylic paint
Blue Felt
Matte finish sealer (American DuraClear Stain Varnish
Floral foam
White tissue paper
White pom poms
Scissors, toothpicks, hot glue gun

Directions:  Paint the clay flowerpots blue with a white rim.  When dry use a toothpick and white paint to decorate the pot with snowflakes.  When dry, apply a sealer.  Use a liner brush to paint an orange nose onto the back of the spoon.  Use a toothpick dipped in black ink to paint the eyes.  Use a black pen to add simile and eyebrows. Cut a 1/2" wide strip of felt and fringe the ends.  Add a dab of hot glue about 3" from the right end.  Place the snowman into the glue, then wrap the scarf around several times, securing with more hot glue.

Cut a small square of floral foam so that it fits snugly inside the clay flowerpot.  Insert a snowman spoon into the foam.  Tear or cut a sheet of tissue paper in half, roll up and fill the inside covering up the floral foam.

There are 4 different hat options so if you want more detail click this link.
To finish the flowerpots off, top them with sparkly pom poms to look like snowballs
Craft idea for Christmas Snowman flowerpots
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Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft Project

 DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree Project using flowerpots
This Christmas craft project is really easy and oh so cute!
Use these little clay flowerpot crafts to decorate around your home with.  They are just adorable and can be stored from year to year.  A child friendly craft!
Materials:  Pine cones, small terracotta flower pots, green acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, stickles (glitter glue), white or red pom poms mini starts & craft glue.

Directions:  Paint pine cones green, let dry.  Paint tips of pine cones white, let dry. Add stickles to white area to make it look like snow.  Add mini pom poms to trees. Top with a little star.  Glue pine cone to terracotta flower pot.

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Live Succulent Christmas Tree DIY

 Make a Potted Succulent Christmas Tree
Making a container Christmas tree out of potted succulents is smart & lovely!  Check this out from Garden Delights.

Supplies needed:
Small 3 ft tomato cage
Floral wire
Wire Cutters
Needle nose pliers
Six bags of moss
Long handled wooden spoon
Floral Pins
Terracotta Flowerpot & saucer

Spray bottle
So, here we

Turn the tomato cage upside down.  Gather the legs to a point and bend the wires together to secure. Wrap floral wire around the gathered legs to keep them together.

Make a netting of floral wire by wrapping it vertically around the tomato cage.  After the vertical wires are in place, weave through them horizontally. This netting will provide support for the moss.  You should now have a tree form.

Fill a bucket with warm water. Add the moss and soak till saturated.  Squeeze out excess liquid.
Add handfuls of moss into the form starting at the top. Use the wooden spoon to help push into crevices.  Hide all the wires.

Place the moss tree upright in your chosen container.  The moss may drip so make sure you planter is large enough and you have a saucer underneath to catch drips.  Make sure everything is balanced before you start adding succulents.

Use a pencil to pock a hole in the moss and insert the stem in, securing it with a floral pin.  Finish covering the form.  This potted tree may be heavy so have someone help you move it to where you want it displayed. OR better yet, place it in advance and cover the area with a blank till you are finished making it.  Spritz when completed. You now have a live Christmas tree!

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Create A Living Christmas Tree!

 Make a indoor Christmas Tree by planting it in a garden container

The days of silver foil Christmas trees are over and people are once again returning to real trees.  The most real tree of all is a living tree, roots and all, that you can plant outdoors after the holiday. In all but the warmest parts of the country, you will be looking at hardy evergreens – such as spruce, fir and pines – which are sold potted in containers, or balled and bur lapped.

If you have the yard space, it’s very rewarding to plant a tree each year and be able to look back and reminisce as the tree grows saying “We go that tree the year you were born.”

Live trees are not inexpensive so before you head out consider the following…..

Size:  Think small.  Really small.  If you are use to a 7” tree commanding a quarter of your living room, think again. First of all subtract at least 18” from the height of the tree for the root ball – in other words, you would be decorating a 5’ tall tree.  Then consider that you would need half a football team to carry the tree inside the house.  A tree that size may weigh 100 pounds or more.  Also, think about the pot that you are hoping to plant in.  We suggest moving the planter into the home first and then setting the live tree inside once you have it positioned where you want it.  Be prepared to move the potted tree outside once the holidays are over.

2. Time spent indoors:  Evergreen trees don’t go completely dormant in winter, but they come close to it.  If you bring the tree indoors for a month, it will start to break dormancy.  Then when you plant it outside in January it may suffer freeze damage.  Plan to keep it indoors for a week and no more than 10 days, preferably in the coolest room out of direct sunlight.

3. Future size:  Most spruces, firs and pines get big, really big as in 50 to 100 feet tall. Can you yard accommodate such a large tree?  You can keep the trees in the original container for a few years, but they will soon outgrow even the largest planters.

4. Containers:  This is not the time to plant directly into the pot unless you plan on moving the whole potted tree onto the patio or porch.  The best laid plan is to select a garden planter that you can just drop the tree directly into that is large enough and not tapered. That way the tree will go to the bottom of the pot. If it’s to tapered you will have a huge gap at the bottom.  Also, try to go with a glazed pot that will not absorb water and possibly have the drain hole plugged.

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Holiday Decorating


It's that time of year again, where everyone is shopping, eating & decorating.  We are sure the inside of your home is stuffed with greens, candles and twinkle lights.  All done in the holiday spirit.  However, this time of year also finds your home being visited by many invited guests.  So, look at this as a friendly reminder to create a warm and welcoming entry.  How do you do that?
Start with the garden planters you already have. Maybe you have two identical planters standing guard beside your main entry.  By now you know that you should have them filled with evergreens boughs, evergreen bushes or innate objects like bamboo or reeds.  Don't leave them sitting empty. They look lonely and uninviting!  Surround the top soil with pine cones, oranges, red holiday glass balls, or decorative rock.  This little touch really adds a lot.

What we like about the photo above is the use of evergreen wreaths and pine cones balls.  How simple is that and decorative to boot! 
Metal garden planters tend to be simple in design with clean line and not a lot of decoration.  This look is simple and lovely at the same time.  As always we ask you to draw on your imagination and create the kind of entry that you are proud of.  Believe us, your guest will comment!
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What To Do In Your Garden In December


Just when you think your done till next Spring you find out that there are lots of fun and easy things to do in your garden areas in December.  Here are a few tips:


Decorating!  Yeah that's right - decorating.  Sometimes the best materials for holiday crafts are close at hand:  twigs and bean pods that might be strewn around the yard, and evergreen boughs off the trees.  You can use them to make decorative rustic wreaths or swags to use on the porch, patio or indoors.  Pick up a metal wreath frame from any craft store and place your boughs in a decorative pattern, securing them with craft wire.  Pick up pine cones or bean pods and decorate the wreath with.  Fill empty garden pots with evergreens, pine cones and feathers.  Don't leave your garden containers just sitting empty all winter long.


Shopping - You think the nurseries in your area are closed for the winter?  No way.  They have wonderful plants like corsican violets or pansies still available to fill your garden planters with.  Consider the corsican violet for a blue purple viola that survives extreme heat and cold climates.  This perennials is perfect for planters, or rock gardens.  Look at your local nursery or order online.  Pansies are cool season annuals that bloom from late fall through winter.


Select a "living" Christmas tree.  It looks great indoors during the holidays and then you can transplant it from the garden container to the garden soil when finished with it.  Arizona Cypress is silvery blue and attractive.  The Blue pyramid grows in the shape of symmetrical pylon 25 feet tall and 12 feet wide.  Just plant in full sun and provide ample water for the first season till well established.


Now is the time to adjust your watering schedule.  Even if you have drip systems in all your decorative pottery, you need to increase the number of days between watering time.  Make sure the standing water is absorbed and doesn't freeze or your pottery is going to crack.  Lastly, you need to move cold sensitive potted plants under covered porches or below some kind of canopy.  Don't water any cacti or succulents and protect the truck of any citrus trees with burlap or similar material.

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Live Christmas trees make memories


Size:  Think small.  Really small.  If you're used to a 7' tall tree commanding a quarter of your living room, think again.  First of all, subtract at least 18" from the height of the tree for the root ball - in other words, you would be decorating a 5' tall tree.  Then consider that you'd need half a football team to carry the tree into the house.  A tree that size may weight 100 pds or more.  Also, think about the pot that you are planting in.  We suggest moving the planter into the home first and then setting the live tree inside once you have positioned it where you want it.  Be prepared to move the potted tree outside once the holidays are over.


Time spent indoors: Evergreen trees don't go completely dormant in winter, but they come close to it.  If you bring the tree indoors for a month, it will start to break dormancy.   Then, when you plant it outside in January it may suffer freeze damage.  Plan to keep it indoors for a week and no more than 10 days, preferably in the coolest room out of direct sunlight.

Future size:  Most spruces, firs, and pines get big - really big - as in 50 to 100 feet tall.  Can your yard accommodate such a large tree?  You can keep they trees in the original container for a few years, but they will soon outgrow even the largest planter.


If you have your heart set on a big tree but want to plant a living one, too, here's one way to have your tree and plant it too.  Buy a small live tree, decorate it, and display it outdoors, on your front porch or wherever you like.  Have a second cut tree in the house for the holidays.

Another option is a dwarf evergreen.  They are a good choice where space is limited.  Just read the plant tags carefully because the term dwarf is relative.  Lastly, you can always decorate a houseplant.  It's the thought that counts!

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