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Garden Chores for March

What to do in the garden in the month of March

Spring is coming March 20th and it is long overdue.  It has been months of cold and dark and people are tired of this weather.  Here are some tips to start to consider to give you something to look for.


Potted Snapdragons, marigolds, petunias, violas, and dianthus can handle cool days.  This means you will find them at your local garden center.  You can pot them up now with success.  Veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, kale and onions will also do fine.  Wait for warm days for impatiens, basil and tomatoes to pot up.


Potted vines offer vertical solutions for color, fragrance and shade on patio walls, and garden fences.  They look lovely when draped over the side of most planters to add a new dimension. Good choices are jasmine, honeysuckle and cross vines.  They are colorful and very fragrant.


Now is the time to shop for roses to plant in our garden containers.  When placed on a patio or porch they offer stunning beauty and wonderful scents.  You can find bare root selections now.  By planting them early you encourage good root development.  Be sure and add organic matter in the soil to help with drainage and improve fertility.


Lastly, if you have potted up some cool season grasses in your garden planters to get you thru the winter months, now is the time to fertilize those planters to help promote grow thru the warmer months ahead.  Bluegrass, ryegrass and others all love the types of fertilizers that are made for their particular types.

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Get ready now for Winter

 8622 Getting Pots Ready For Winter

Try to get some of these fall garden chores done before winter arrives.  If you spend the time to do these chores now then you will be well on the way for a Spring garden that will shine!  These aren't hard garden chores to do but just simple things that will make your garden easier to manage.


Clear out all dead or dying plants, flowers or shrubs.  Cleaning up dead leaves and flower head is easy to do and so important.  Dead plants attract bugs and other unwanted pests.  These pests like slugs are always looking for a warm spot to weather the winter so keep dead plants and leaves up off the soil and ground.  Also now is the time to deadhead any remaining plants in your garden pottery that are still growing.  Clean around the top of the pots taking out leaves and weeds that may have grown.  Keeping everything clean is good for your garden and planters.


If you see any sick or dead plants take them out.  Don't leave anything that will attract bugs.  Don't compost them but toss them in the trash.  If your potting soil looks spent toss it out and clean out the pot for next year.  Don't keep soil that may have had diseased plans in them or show any kind of weeds or pests.  If you are keeping the soil then clean it up taking out any dead object and cover with rocks, pot toppers or hay.  This will keep the soil in good condition for next Spring plantings.  Plan on adding some fresh soil next season.


Now is the time to bring in any pots that won't survive being outside for Winter.  Move all fragile garden pots to the garage.  If that isn't an option then move under eves next to the house and cover with a tarp.  Not an option, cover the soil with hay, rocks, broken pots materials or anything that will help to keep water from getting inside the pot and freezing. The frozen water is what causes the cracks.


Any remaining decorative garden items can now be stored and put away.  Clean everything up so that you will have a fresh start next year.  Many painted items don't like the cold freezing weather and could have flaking or fading issues so take them inside.


Lastly, take a final look over.  Clean up any thing you may have second thoughts about.  Know in your heart that the next planting season will come soon enough and all the work you are doing know will pay off.  

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July 2014 Around The Garden

Here are the list of things you should be aware of that need to be tended to in your garden area.

Grow Blueberries NOW:  One of the simple joys of summer, potted blueberries are an excellent fruit for new gardeners.  Northern high bush blueberries are best for the upper and middle south.  Try selections such as Patriot and Liberty.  Rabbiteye blueberries are best in the lower and coast south.  Use climax or premier.  They all prefer slightly moist, well draining potting soil.  Place the planter in a sunny spot and rotate the pot for best coverage.  It's important to plant at least 2 or more varieties so you will have lots of fruit.  Buy the starters at your local nursery or order online.  Make sure you pick a planter that is large enough so you don't crowd the plants root system.

Fertilize:  Feed potted veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash and tomatillos.  Looking for some organic options?  Miracle Grow Organic Choice is available in granular or liquid form.  Dynamite Organic All Purpose or composted manure for easy feeding.  Just follow package directions and keep those veggies healthy all season long.

Fragrance:  Add some sweet scents to your potted garden this season.  The blooms of gardenias, ginger and lilies.  Honeybells, hostas, and tuberoses will all add a welcome perfume to this summers garden and planters.  Enjoy their fragrance inside by cutting a few stems for casual bouquets.

Herbs:  Cut potted basil, thyme and rosemary frequently to keep these plants in full production.  Keep a pot of your favorite herbs near your grill for a reminder to flavor your summer meals.
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February 2014 Checklist

February is in full bloom now and here are a few suggestions on what to do around the yard and garden area, with your potted and un-potted plants.

Tomato's in pots are easy and fun to do but if frost is predicted, cover the potted plants with frost cloth, burlap or sheets to help protect them.  Tomato plants need an early spring start to grow, so develop the roots, flower and set fruit before summer's intense heat.  Varieties that produce medium size fruits are more likely to develop mature fruit without cracking than those with big beefsteak fruit.  Make sure you have large enough plant containers and that each pot has a drain hole for good drainage.  You don't want standing water to sit in the bottom of the pot or the roots of the plants with rot.

Monitor weather and if frost is predicted, cover flowers, vegetable and potted citrus.  Fertilize the planters if you didn't do it last month, and feed with one third of the nitrogen required.  Continue to monitor and fertilize citrus, & roses.  Control Aphids to prevent populations of these tiny pests from getting out of control.  Fruit sweetens the longer it stays on the tree, so let it hang as long as possible.  Many varieties can be harvested thru May.

Pull weeks to prevent them from taking over your garden planters.  When the wind picks them up and they land on top of fresh pot soil, they will grow hardy and can become quite the pest.  If you stay on top of this the weeds will eventually migrate elsewhere and not come back as often.  If you haven't planted Aloe, then now is the time.

It is easy to propagate.  Dig up overgrown clumps and gently separate entwined root systems into fresh potting soil.  Make sure the pot you select is large enough for it to root and grow in for at least one season before you divide it again
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May, Now What In The Garden?

 14323 May-Now-What
Now that the Month of May is upon us, are you wondering what needs to be done in the yard or garden?  We have a few suggestions!
 14324 AgaveBy now you should have at least one potted cacti around your home or garden area.  We love the agave because they are easy to grow in garden pots, they fit into traditional and contemporary landscape designs and they are easy to grow.  This may you should get a long handled saw and some heavy gloves, remove dried leaves from around the bottom of the plant and use the saw to prune back any growth not wanted.  Basically just clean them up.  This prepares them for upcoming growth spurts!
It's that time again to refreshen up all your garden pots.  Ease overgrown 14326 Root-Prune plants out of their containers and root prune them.  Then replant them in the same vessels filled with fresh potting mix.  Or better yet, move them to new larger containers and use new soil mix.  This is the time of year to transport healthy plants to new homes.
 14325 StrawberryEvery thought about trying a strawberry plant.  We'll we have the strawberry pot that works perfect.  Made of real terracotta clay they come in 6 pocket, 9 pocket and 12 pocket pots.  Place a strawberry starter plant in each pocket.

These pots contain the plants wondering roots and keeps them from getting out of control and taking over your garden.  Alpine strawberry plants are available now and they are super flavorful.  They produce fruit from Spring to Fall.
Lastly, this is the time to sow seasonal color from seeds.  Or if you are into transplants from the local nursery now is the time to purchase them and pot them for color on your patio or in your garden area.  Flowers like ageratum, coreopsis and gaillardis are beautiful and easy to grow in garden planters.  And, don't forget, to feed potted citrus trees with a citrus fertilizer to promote good fruit development now.  We love these potted also!
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Whats happening this February?

 13335 Title
Ever heard of a Valentine's day Shrub?  This winter
produces a show of red rose, blooms that nearly obscure the plant's foliage in February and March.  When no hidden by flowers, the foliage takes on a purple cast adding to the appeal of this lovely plant.  If you don't want to try it in your garden, how about potting it in a lovely red ceramic planter and giving it as a gift for the holiday?  Easy and unique!

Now is the time to cut back on your ornamental grasses.  All winter long they have provided your garden pots with color, and substance.  Shear them back before new growth comes in Spring and keep them looking neat and tidy. Once cut back they will start new growth spurts that will conceal the trimmed portion of the plant.

Right now is when you want to be thinking about sowing seeds or setting out your transplants of garden veggies.  Make sure your pots are cleaned out.  Use fresh potting soil and follow the directions on your seed packets.  Planting veggies in garden pots are fun and create a lovely colorful garden that you can have right on your patio.
Lastly, if you still have some hardy annuals potted sitting on a porch or 13332 patio you must continue to protect them from frost.  Here we show you have to take a tomato cage and drape it with burlap, sheets, old blankets etc to protect it from the cold elements.

Cover at night and remove in the morning so it can get some light and sun.

By taking these few cautious steps you can prolong the life of your annuals and keep your garden and patio areas looking lovely.  Next Spring and Summer are right around the corner!
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January - Now what do we do?

Are you thinking about the kinds of things you could be doing in your yard or garden area about now?  Well here are a few suggestions.
 13225 Bare-Roots1.  Bare Root fruit trees.  Plant apples, apricots, peaches, and plum fruit trees right now.  They are readily available at most home and garden centers and local nurseries.  Choose low chill varieties like Anna, Dorsett Golden, Ein Shemer, apples;  Blenheim, gold kist or katy apricots.  Bonanza !!, desertgold or floridaprince peaches or beauty plum.
Bare root roses are also being offered.  You can plant these directly into the ground or use a decorative large garden planter.  You can find many in light weights like Poly Resin or fiberglass. 
2.  Sow seeds of cilantro, dill, epazote, fennel, and parsley in moist soil, then sprinkle the soil with water after sowing.  Continue to water regularly.  Sow seeds of heirloom peppers such as Ancho, a wide, dark green poblano type that is medium hot.  For tomatoes consider ruffled Pink Accordion, a large sweet heirloom perfect for stuffing.  Plant in Poly Resin.
 13227 Iris3.  Fertilize bearded iris plants either in the ground or planted in lovely garden pottery.  Spread all purpose bulb fertilizer around the plants, scratching it in with a rake or hand trowel.  Water thoroughly toward the end of the month.  Protect your potted plants from cold.  Most plants withstand cold better if they are well irrigated before a frost.  Keep an eye on the weather report, and water deeply when a frost is forecast.  Move tender plants under a overhang or into a garage.  To protect citrus, place a tall stake around the tree and drape with burlap or frost blanket.
 13228 Pruning4.  Now is the perfect time to prune your rose bushes.  Choose five or six sturdy canes and prune them back to 18", then remove the weak, inward facing and crossing canes and branches.  Dab cuts with household glue to discourage borer infestations.  If you don't cut them back now, when spring arrives and they start to grow they will be wiry and spindly.  They branches will droop and not flower well.
These are all easy and good things to be doing now so get out there!
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December - What To Do?

 13118 Title

This is not the time of year to give up on your garden area and patio planters.  We would like to make a few suggestions on some simple things that need to be done and should be done to help keep things looking lovely.

Start by filling existing planters or new containers with succulents and cacti.  Pick from the wide variety available and create some interesting displays.  The local nursery in your area should have plenty to choose from.  Remember to mulch the top soil with fine gravel, faux rocks or garden mulch to help them survive thru the cold winter months.  Do not plant in a terracotta clay pot that will absorb moisture and crack if exposed to freezing temps.

Order pre-cooled bulbs that are shipped this month or next.  You can order them online or check with your local landscape company to see if they supply them.  You can force them to bloom by the holidays or store them in soil, a garden pot and in the dark so that they are ready to go next Spring.  They come in so many different color and styles that it's fun to experiment with different looks each season.  The paper whites are the most popular for the holidays but check out the suppliers to see if something new has arrived on the scene.

Christmas Cactus with orange, pink, red, white or yellow blooms, will flower this month.  Grow this long lived houseplant in bright indirect sunlight.  When it's flowering, water and feed it weekly with liquid cactus and succulent fertilizer.  Always start with a stunning glazed container that will compliment the blooms and add color and warmth to your home, especially during these cold, dark winter months.

Because it gets dark so early in the evenings, now is the time to line walkways and garden paths with outdoor lighting, garden luminaries or lanterns.  You can even use paper bags, filled with sand and place a tealight candle inside for special occasions or holiday celebrations.  Also, think about giving gifts that are alive and lasting.  Potted herbs, topiaries and terrariums are all popular and easy to do.  Browse your local book store garden section.  There are many new coffee table books this time of year and idea packed books for next season.  Collect some fresh ideas for containers, and plant materials to try out next year.

Decorate with natural materials collected from your own yard.  Branches, cuttings and twigs make great swags, and wreaths.  Combine silvery foliage and add depth and beauty.  Lots of pods, pine cones and nuts are great for filling empty garden plants with and they look decorative and festive.  Plant butter head and romaine lettuce seedlings for salads thru winter.  Use clay pot and keep in a sunny indoor window.  Easy and fun!
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Around The Garden November

This time of year is fun in the garden because of the bright colors of green and red that you are working with.  You may think it is time to slow down for the winter but you are wrong.  There are still plenty of things you can do to make sure that your garden planters & area will still look lovely but that you can be prepared for next Spring.  Here are a few suggestions.


Add these bright Viola blooms to containers and flowerbeds to allow roots to become established before colder weather sets in.  Set transplants in a sunny spot in rich well-drained soil  When planting in garden containers and planters, good drainage is very important.  Other flowers you can plant as companions include snapdragons, sweet Williams, calendulas, and sweet alyssums.  Mix in fun things like cabbage, kale or parsley to complement to blooms.  Feed plants with fertilizer.  Simple and easy to do!

Now is the time to divide your perennials.  Whether in pots or the ground, dig up and divide your daisies, irises, hostas and daylilies.  A garden fork is the perfect tool for this.  Set divided plants back into the pots or soil a the original growing depth, water and cover with garden mulch.  All hand tools are perfect for using in potted garden containers.


With the holidays approaching, fragrant paper white bulbs are favorites this time of year.  These easy bulbs are so eager to grow that they don't even need to be planted in soil or a planter.  Select a low profile glazed pot.  It can be round or square even rectangle.  Make sure it has a saucer that fits.

Fill it part way with pebbles and then arrange the bulbs on top of the pebbles.  You may need to add a few more pebbles to add extra support to the bulbs.  Then add water so that it comes up to the base of the bulbs.  The flowers should appear in 3 to 6 weeks.


Are your trees sharing their leaves with you?  I bet your yard is covered.  Piles of leaves can become we blankets after rains.  You don't want them to smother your grass or land on your potted plants and smother them.  Rake them from your lawn regularly and pick them off the pots.  Gather them and bag them.  They will make great compost next spring and they will add nutrients to your potted soil.

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