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Why Plant Bulbs In Fall


Why should you plant garden bulbs in Fall?

This is a good question. This time of year when everything is starting to slow down when it comes to your garden, landscape and garden pottery.  You should be thinking about cleaning out all your home and garden planters, washing them up and storing them for the winter if they can't handle the freezing temps and cold.


But, now is also the time you should pot up your garden bulbs for next Spring.  Sounds strange doesn't it?  Well potted bulbs need time in cooler weather conditions for several months in order for them to bloom come Spring.  Basically it's the coldness of winter that encourages the bulbs to bloom.  You can plant them directly into the ground of course but we feel there is nothing more beautiful come Spring then large flowerpots bursting with color and fragrance.  

Garden containers are also the way to go if you live in an areas where animals can get to them for food.  The containers will keep them safe and comfy till they bloom in Spring.


Potted bulbs like well draining soil or they will rot.  Use our Pot Filler to fill the bottom of your planters.  It will let the excess water drain off, keeps the soil from draining out the hole and provides better air circulation.   A garden planter of bulbs also like 5 hours of sunlight during the growing season so make sure your planters are placed in a nice semi sunny spot.


Once the days get shorter and cooler you should be shopping the bulb catalogs for the ones you one to plant this next year. You want the soil in your planters to stay cool but not freeze. Leaves are changing color and dropping from trees.  It's a beautiful time of year when nature says FALL is coming.  This is the time to pot up your bulbs.


Either use existing garden
planters or shop for some new ideas in pottery, pots and yard planters.  We are not going to go into the planting etc of bulbs. This blog is to address the fact that now is the time to start planting.

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Grow Flowers Now In The Dead Of Winter

Grow Flowers Even In The Dead of Winter


You may have read the blog title and thought what are they talking about?  Who can grow flowers in the dead of Winter?  Well, have you ever heard of "forcing bulbs"?  It's the process of forcing potted garden bulbs to bloom earlier than they normally world.

By following the few steps listed below you can have colorful fresh flowers blooming indoors, on your patio, or a porch area.  It's fairly easy to do and we can almost guarantee great success.  Just think, sweet smelling flowers in January!


Step 1 - Select the containers you are going to use.  There are many choices of garden pottery you can choose.  A shallow terracotta bowl is perfect since bulbs don't have deep roots.  You can also use a standard flowerpot that does have depth.  This type of pottery is perfect if you want to layer your bulbs.

You may ask yourself, why layer bulbs?  This is the method of putting a layer of the tallest bulbs on the bottom of the pot because they will grow the tallest.  Covering them with soil and creating a second layer. Put Daffodils next, cover with soil and create another layer for shortest crocus bulbs.  If you stagger each layer, they will bloom at different times so you will have flowers blooming longer instead of all at once.


Back to containers - you can also use pretty much anything you choose except they must have the drain hole covered with broken pot shards or pot filler.  This helps to keep the moisture inside.

Next have potting soil that is well draining & your bulbs.  Plant the bulbs in the soil ending with soil on top so that all bulbs are protected from the cold.  Now place the garden container in a cool, dark spot for 12 to 16 weeks.  Make sure it's cool and never gets over 50 degrees. Under a staircase or on a spare closet are good places.


Step 2 - Once you see good root formation, it's time to place them in a cooler spot in direct sunlight.  This lets the potted bulbs become accustomed to the warmth.  Keep the soil moist.  After they have good growth move to where you want to keep them.  They should bloom in 3 to 4 weeks.

Enjoy the blooms through out Winters harsh months and let the fragrance fill your home.
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Potting Bulbs Now In Clay Garden Pots


Now that Fall is here, people are thinking about family get together, holiday visitors, cooking & gift giving.  Thinking about your garden planters and next Spring is not even a vague notion.  But, as you will read, now is the time to be thinking about planting up your garden bulbs. 

It only takes a bit of planning to assure that next Spring when you least expect it colorful flowers will start shooting up from your garden planters.  So, what is the first step?  How about deciding what flowerpots you want to plant the bulbs in.

Clean out a summer planter or how about purchasing that one pot you have had your eyes on for some time now!  Either way, make sure that the pots you select are deep enough to bury the bulbs into, making sure they are completely covered with potting soil. Azalea pots are shorter than a standard flowerpot but they work well.  A drain hole is also important.  That way the bulbs donít sit in standing water and possibly rot.


Planting fall bulbs in containers is similar than planting them directly into the soil.  Whatís great is that you can really pack a bunch of bulbs together creating a colorful potted display when bloomed.   Try to plant the bulbs 6Ē deep with the pointy end facing up and the roots down.  Group them together for a huge display or space them for a sparse display.  Try to keep the bulb count odd not even.

Cover the top of the clay garden pot with mulch to protect the bulbs while they over winter.  You can use leaves, peat moss, pine needles or a mulch product from your local garden center.  Thatís it.  Not all that difficult.  So, if you plan NOW think about what you will have next Spring!


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Start Now To Plant Spring Bulbs

 Plant garden bulbs now in clay flowerpots

Fall is here so now is the time to be thinking about planting the spring bulbs you have been dreaming about all year.

Whether you plant them in your garden or are thinking about trying to pot them up in a garden container, the fact remains that these flowers are stunning. And, so easy to grow! With a little effort up front you will be blessed with a ton of colorful flowers. The best part is that every year they will expand and increase in volume. Who can ask for anything better than that?

 1285-Stack-Bulbs-In-Large-Garden-Pottery-For-The-Best-Color-DisplayThere are a few ways to pot up bulbs but we would like to give you more details on how to stack them inside a garden flowerpotOf course, the first thing you must do is select the container that you will use to pot in. Do you like terracotta, the natural clay pottery that breathes and ages over time? Maybe you prefer a high shine glazed planterJust make sure that whatever planter you select you want to have enough room for the bulbs to stack. The larger the pot the larger display of color you will be rewarded with. Also, make sure that there is a drain hole in the bottom. If it doesnít then you can read more here about how to drill your own hole.

First, select the type of bulbs you want. Go to your local Nursery or Garden Center or order online. Most bulbs will need 6 to 8 inches of soil at a minimum. Take into account how tall they will grow. Since we are going to stack them, start by putting the larger bulbs on the bottom of the pottery. Did you put the pointed end up? Good! Cover with about 2 inches of soil and then start your next layer putting the smaller ones on top. When you pot them like this the smaller will bloom first next spring and the larger will fill in after. Try to have at least 7 bulbs in a pot and remember that the more bulbs the more blooms.

Lastly always use new and good potting soil. You canít use dirt out of the ground 1286-Cover-The-Bulbs-With-Potting-Soil-In-The-Planters for many reasons. Fill your pot with potting soil up to a few inches from the rim. Then move the pots inside the garage if they canít stay out all winter. Your bulbs may like the cold but not all garden pottery is meant to sit outside. Then when the weather starts to warm up move them outside and place in a sunny spot.

Good luck and share with us how you did!

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Another Take On Bulbs In Containers

We have talked extensively on how to plant garden bulbs in containers but we saw this idea and thought we would pass it along.  Instead of being selective and methodical when planting try this approach.

The key they say is to be generous with your bulbs.  For a large mixed pot, plant your bulbs shoulder to shoulder in a smaller plastic nursery pot, and then sink it into a larger container.

The plant the fillers and spillers around it.  Remember how tall your bulbs will get.  If you have a deep pot, fill some of the space with pine cones or packing peanuts before adding soil.  This not only saves on the amount of potting soil you will need, but it also significantly reduces the weight of your container.
Fill the pots with good quality potting soil to within a few inches of the rim.  Never use garden soil, top soil, peat humus, or cow manure. These products are too heavy and drain too slowly.


For the best show, plant lots of bulbs.  Place the bulbs close leaving no space between them.  Then top off with more potting soil so the bulbs are just slightly below the surface.  Water each container thoroughly, and finish with a layer of mulch such as mini pine bark nuggets.  Leave pots outdoors for winter chilling.  The more exposure to cold the bulbs get, the better they will bloom.
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Brighten your home with bulbs

Line up vivid yellow daffodil plants in front of a window.  Your room will feel sun-drenched as the light flows through them.  Use terracotta clay colors for added beauty and give it all a organic kind of feel.


The earliest blooms of the season, crocuses are literal reminders that spring is right around the corner.  Nestle crocus bulbs in pebbles to hold them upright and provide extra drainage. The stones also work great at soil toppers adding not only a decorative touch but a practical purpose.  They help to keep the water in the
planter from evaporating faster.  Recycled kitchenware like colanders and casseroles are just right as whimsical containers for a bunch of crocuses.

Hyacinth!  Watch em grow!  Put out potted bulbs at various stages of growth so you can watch them bloom over time.  Put your hyacinth pot inside a larger pot and fill with moss for a simple yet elegant centerpiece.  Beautiful! 


These frilly flowers spread their mood boosting scent throughout your whole home.
Now is the time to get planting.
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October Around The House


It's hard to think about spring coming but now is the time to start planning and purchasing bulbs.  Gather the pumpkins and create a welcoming display and plant your pansies.  All fun and easy things to do this October in your home, garden or yard!
 30036-BulbsFall is the time to start planting bulbs such as daffodils, snowflakes, and Spanish bluebells.  These spring blooms are some of the best perennials for all gardens.  They are drought tolerant and long lived and will multiply in your yard.  Plant them in a spot that will receive at least six hours of sun a day while the leaves are green.

They can take a bit of dappled light but won't bloom in shade, so take heed.  These bulbs like soil that is loose and well drained.  Set bulbs twice as deep as they are tall, and water well after planting.  Buy your bulbs at a local nursery or online and of course select a lovely new garden planter from us
Gather the pumpkins.  These are so popular in October, and are found at local farmers markets, grocery stores and roadside stands.  The new heirloom pumpkins are great is pastel colors and sizes.  Select ones that are firm and unblemished.

Keep them cool and dry and they should last for months.  A popular look this year is the pumpkin stack using a garden urn or garden planter with feet.  Use varied sizes and colors and create a fantastic entry piece.  Just stacking pumpkins, colorful garden mums in orange, or red planters is lovely
 30037-Potted-PansyPlant your pansies.....Adding fall flowers to your garden containers and flowerbeds now allows roots to get established before cold weather sets in, so don't delay.  Place transplants in a sunny spot in rich, well draining soil.  When planting in pots, good drainage is very important also.  Be sure the pot has drain holes.  Try cold tolerant pansies like Plentifall.  Other flowers to plant now include dianthus, snapdragons, calendulas, and discias.
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Bulbs, Beautiful & Easy!

Beautiful and easy to grow, bulbs in containers provide color indoors or out.  Keep blooming season in mind when you choose bulbs, if you select an assortment with successive blooming periods, you can treat yourself to a non stop flower show from early spring right through summer and into autumn.

Bulbs such as amaryllis are quite content to take up residence in containers, producing splendid blooms year after year.  But other types like crocus, hyacinth, iris and tulip, usually provide just one unforgettable season of container bloom.  The next year, flowers are likely to be smaller and fewer.  Many gardeners prefer to move these types from containers to garden flower beds after the first year.
Always buy the best bulbs available, usually graded number 1.  They may cost more but their improved performance more than makes up for the higher price.


Plant bulbs as soon as possible after they appear for sale usually in autumn for spring flowering.  Many potted bulbs need cold temps during part of their dormant period if they are to bloom.  Where winters are frost free, refrigerate the bulbs before planting.  Almost all bulbs grow best in a loose mix of equal parts garden loam, coarse sand and organic matter like peat moss.  Plant large bulbs with their tips pointed ends level with the soil surface.  Smaller bulbs should be 1" to 2" inches below the soil surface

While roots are forming, you will need to keep soil cool to prevent premature sprouting.  Place your garden containers in a cools dark spot.  After about 8 weeks check a few pots looking for roots in the drain holes and leaf tips poking thru the soil.  Place the containers in a sunny spot where top growth can develop and turn green, then begin watering.
Growing bulbs in garden planters is easy and fun to do.
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Dig In Now With Garden Bulbs


Are you experiencing a chill in the air in your neck of the woods?  Crisp October weather provides ideal planting conditions for hardy bulbs, including daffodil, tulip, hyacinth, crocus, grape hyacinth, snowdrop, and more....  Planted this month, these kinds of bulbs that can easily be potted and planted now, will bloom perfectly next spring.  Now is the time to give them a chance to root into the cool dark soil before the weather turns to freezing.  Here are a few tips on how to achieve this potting wonder from Arizona Pottery?

Pick the best spot to place the Arizona Pottery garden planters you want to plant them into.  Make sure that come spring and summer they will have as much sun as possible At least 6 hrs of full sun is best.  Next fill the pot with good well draining soil.  You can purchase special garden soils available at your local nursery for this purpose.  Loose soil is ideal for the root systems to work into.  Make the soil organic if possible for the best performance.  You can mix compost into the soil to really help with healthy root systems.

Cluster the bulbs into the Arizona Pottery garden pots mixing one bold color or mixing a combination of colors to create the effect that you are trying to achieve.  We love pink & white mixed together.  Yellow and red mixed make a very bold statement of color that is stunning.  Place the root side down with the growing tip up and cover with soil.  Place it two to three times its height into the hole.  Compact the soil to eliminate air pockets and cover the top soil with garden mulch up to 3" in depth.


Use a garden trowel to make the planting easier.  Power drills work good for larger pots but are not necessary.  We like to stick bulbs around potted evergreen plants so that come Spring there will be bursts of color.

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Pot Up Your Bulbs NOW!

Seems early but it's not - Now is the time to plant garden bulbs.  Below we will talk about a good way and a good enough way to get this job done.  Check it out!

1.  Use a bulb planter and dig to the depth required.  A rule of thumb is to go two to three times as deep as the bulb is tall - just not too shallow, lest the squirrels make off with your bounty.  This rule is the same for whether you plant in the ground or a lovely garden planter that is placed on your patio or front porch.

 Consider spacing and pattern, so you will have a lush flower bed come spring.  Place them an inch closer together than the directions say.

2.  Add bone meal about a tablespoon to each hole as an organic fertilizer.  This step really helps when the bulb starts to grow.

3.  Carefully place a bulb in each hole, with the tip pointing upward - this helps ensure that flowers will grow to about the same height.

4.  Refill the holes with dirt. Add a two or three inch layer of mulch atop the planting area.

1.  Save time and give your garden planters a more natural look.  Skip the fussy bulb planter and just lay them around the top of the pot in a trench.  Make it wide enough for a single line.  Scatter bulbs with a bit of space between them.

2.  Sprinkle bone meal and cover with soil and top with mulch.

3.  Or save the work till spring.  It's the only option in climates that don't have cold winters.  Sort the bulbs in paper bags by variety and stash in a fridge crisper.  Plant immediately after removing from the cooler.
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