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Perfect Potted Trees


Perfect Potted Trees

If you live in an apartment, condo, penthouse or tiny home and the thought of having large potted trees seems impossible then think again!  A tree in a garden pot is a great way to add color, life, and beauty to patio or porch areas where there are no trees around.  Maybe you want a bit of privacy or protection, then trees in flowerpots are the solution.


You may think that a tree is a garden planter needs a lot of space to grow.  Well not necessarily!  Many come in pygmy sizes or can adjust its growth based on the size of pot that you choose to plant it in.  When it comes to selecting a garden container the one thing all trees need is good drainage.  If you find an outdoor pot that doesn’t have a drain hole then one can be drilled.


Garden containers come in so many different varieties that it will be a tough choice to make.  For health reason clay or terracotta is always the best and safest because it breathes and is healthiest for any trees root system.  But if you need a pop of color, try a colorful hand glazed planter.   They are colorful, high shine and large enough to hold a tree.


Other options for tree containers could be Talavera which is ethic and bold bright colors, concrete when you don’t want to have to re-pot in a few years and need durability or if weight is an issue then you must go with Poly Resin. This is a lightweight product that comes in 32 colors and huge sizes that are easy to move and relocate.


Some varieties of trees that pot up well are Dwarf Fig, Olive, Japanese Maple or Bay Trees.  We love dwarf conifers that are trimmed into topiary and stay green all season long without dropping leaves or fruit.  Go to your local nursery or garden center and talk with the staff.  Better yet browse the potted tree section and look at the different varieties and find the one that fits your fancy. Read the tree tag and give it a go if it seems like a good fit.


The main thing to remember is that it IS possible to have potted trees around your home, patio, balcony or yard and it IS easy to do.  Have fun enjoy the process and your planted tree container will give you many years of enjoyment.

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How to plant a BIG pot.


Here are a few really tips to take into consideration when you want to plant a big garden container.  The main think to remember is that the pot has some weight associated to it BEFORE you fill it with dirt and plants so make sure that you place it where you want it to go before you start.  You an also use our Pot Lifter to help out if you decide to move it afterward.

1.  Fill the pot with just enough fast draining potting soil that the top of the biggest plant's root ball will nest about 2" below the pot rim.  Tamp down the soil to firm it but not compact it.

Mix in a granular fertilizer in the soil and then arrange the plants still in their nursery pots inside the big container in the spot you see them seeing planted.  Once your design is set, remove the plants from the big pot, knock the plant out, rough up the root ball and position it in the big pot.

2.  Fill the big pot with potting soil up to the top of the biggest root ball.  Plant smaller flowering and foliage plants, packing the soil firmly around their root balls.  Put trailers like moss, ferns and ivy around the pot edges.  Give the plant a good watering.

3.  Choose plants to coordinate with the garden container you are using or to go with the garden setting you are placing the pot into.  choose a few permanent plants, such as low growing evergreens as anchors, then fill in around them with colorful annuals and perennials.  Make sure the plants have the same needs for exposure, water and fertilizer.
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