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5 Easy Steps To Creating This Winter Planter

Here is a clever idea we saw on how to fill your winter garden planters and make them look decorative!  It's really only 5 easy steps.

Here they are:

STEP 1:  Leave 3/4 of the dirt in the outdoor garden pot and fill the top 1/4" with wet floral foam.  Decide what to use to create a "thrill" in the planter.  In this case birch poles were used.


Step 2: Now fill around the outside of the garden planter.  In this pot Western BC cedar was inserted in the floral foam.  The plan is to have the greens looking like they are spilling over the side of the planter.


Step 3:  Add another evergreen with a slightly different color and texture for contrast. Here it's Blue Tip Juniper.  Red Dogwood branches have also been added for a shot of color in this planter.  Keep changing it up.  Fraser Fir is added as fill and height, making this pottery display look full & 3 dimensional.


Step 4:  Now a few Magnolia leaves and Euonymus add more depth.  As an eye catcher add a large pine cone to the potted display.


Step 5:  Depending on how you feel about sparkle this would be the time to add it to this winter planter.  Large silver sparkly wicker balls give a festive feel.  Putting different combinations together is easy to do.  You can always add berries, holly, curly willow branches, birch logs and all kinds of holiday ornaments.  Have fun and be creative.

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5 steps - Seed to Centerpiece!

Listed below are the 5 easy steps to take you from a seed packet purchased at your local nursery to a lovely table centerpiece!
1.  Shop your local garden center for seeds.  You will find a wide assortment of fast growing annuals in a rainbow of colors.  If you prefer to shop online there are tons of websites that you can find that ship seeds packets directly to you.  Try to select colors and fragrances that you hope to enjoy and will fit into your decorating designs.

2.  Prep your flower pots or beds.  Pick a sunny spot (at least 6 hrs daily) with well draining soil.  Work in organic matter, rake smooth, and water to moisten the soil.  Having ground to grow cutting flowers is not always possible.  You can easily grown them in garden containers.  Simply follow the same instructions listed above but make sure the planter you use is deep enough and wide enough to hold the amount of seeds you hope to sow.
3.  Sow the seeds.  Follow the planting instructions on the back of the seed packets.  Cover lightly with soil.  In as little as five days, many sees will sprout.  Once you see two leaves, thin to ensure correct spacing for future growth.

4.  Harvest Early.  Flowers are freshest in the morning.  Use a sharp pair of scissors or snips, cut stems a little longer than you will need for the arranging, and place them in a bucket of water.  To encourage more blooms, cut flowers regularly - especially zinnias.  Measure the vase or pot that you will be arranging the flowers inside of in advance.  Make sure that you cut enough length in advance.
5.  Assemble flowers, and your container.  Recut stems at an angle right before arranging.  If you change water daily, you don't need flower preservatives.


These cherry blooms are easy to grow, require minimal care once established, and yield plenty of flowers for cutting.  They also like garden planters as well as the ground.  Give it a go and let us know how it works for you!
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