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Plant Through The Pain

Many of you watched your mothers or grandmothers work in the garden and wondered how they could make it such an enchanted and beautiful place.  You decided right there that when you grew up your patio and garden areas would look just as lovely.

That was before you experienced "chronic back pain." 
Back pain doesn't mean you can never have a garden - it simply means if you follow a few simple suggestions you can avoid it all together or at least be able to deal with it easier.

One suggestion is that pre-planning makes a huge difference.  Instead of planting a perennial flower in an area in your garden where it may not do well, read before hand and plan in advance.  This will save you from having to plant items multiple times - which means less work for you and less stress on your body.  Don't under estimate planning in advance.

Studies have proven that working in your garden can help reduce migraine headaches and facial pain.  Pain is less intense because of the distraction you experience while planting beautiful flowers.  Enjoying the enjoyable experience is half the battle.

Before stepping into the garden stretch out your muscles.  While gardening use an inner timer to remind yourself to positions and activities often.  Maybe weed for 10 minutes, then switch to raking, then watering.  Use a garden stool or lightweight kneel pad that are easy to carry and use them often.

Raised garden beds are also a great idea.  You can stand while doing your gardening chores and the stress on your lower back are minimal.  Asking a neighbor boy to help with lifting or trimming is always a good idea.  If you just ask you will always be surprised how easily people will help.

Although it's very challenging to bring beauty out of chaos in the garden, its' also very rewarding.  Remember to relax, enjoy, take a deep breathe and look around you.  Maybe one day your grandchildren will watch you and dream of their own gardens.

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