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Poisonous Houseplants for Dogs


When it comes to bringing decorative garden containers and planters filled with houseplants indoors, there are so many different things to consider.  In this blog post we will discuss the types of houseplants that are poisonous for dogs.  Many plants are fine for dogs and cats while some are mildly poisonous and others fatal.  So do you research and make sure that you are bringing safe houseplants for indoors.

We all know that animals are curious and like to get into plants and potting soil.  Make sure that if you dog is looking for something to nibble on that they are not poisonous.

1.  Sago Palm - These lovely plants are a favorite for outside and inside as potted plants.  The bad news is if your dog likes to bit and chew anything then this plant is dangerous.

2.  Aloe - While having various medicinal uses aloe are toxic to dogs but only if they ingest it.  The Pulp and juice is what is bad for dogs so again if you dog chews on things these are dangerous.

3.  Calla Lily - So beautiful and lovely but at the same time a poisonous plant for dogs when chewed.  Don't keep them around.  All parts of this are harmful.

4.  Dieffenbachia - This is very popular for indoor potted houseplants.  The two tone leaves and big plant spread make them desirable but as you can see where we are going the whole plant is bad for dogs.

5.  Jade Plants:  Even though it is low for toxins all parts of a jade plant are toxic.  You don't want leaves falling off and your dog taking a nibble or you will have nausea and retching.

There are many more potted houseplants that are dangerous for your indoor pets. We recommend that you take the time to check them out before you bring plants into the home where animals live.  You never want to take a chance that a decorative addition can harm a living member of your family.  At Arizona Pottery we love indoor potted houseplants and hope that you can enjoy them also.  Stay Safe!

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