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Cats are notorious potted plant-eaters.  How can we indulge our love of healthy indoor greenery while responsibly keeping a pet cat?  It's important that you take the necessary steps to prevent your cats from eating houseplants, not just because you don't want the plants to die, but primarily because many common houseplants are toxic to cats!

Teaching your cats to avoid houseplants can be a matter of survival.

First  - you need to consult a list of toxic houseplants to see if you have any in your home.  If you insist on keeping a toxic plant try hanging it or put it in an inaccessible window sill.  Make sure it doesn't drop leaves where a cat can eat them.


Secondly - make sure your cat's diet is sufficient and they are not lacking in fiber, vitamins etc. 

Next - look for ways to train your pet not to approach the plant.  Try spraying with water when he goes for the plant.  Unfortunately, you are not always there so you can try to make the plant smell or taste repulsive to your pet.  Use both smell and taste repellents like hot sauce, chili oil and vinegar.  The best part of this is the assurance that it will still work when you are not present.


Lastly - make sure the problem isn't emotional.  Like all of us, cats can respond to stress or emotional strain by acting out in a variety of ways.  Examine the living conditions.  If you detect any potential source, like other cats, new baby in the house, being neglected or lonely - try to neutralize it.  Do whatever it takes!


Though the disciplinary methods enjoy some success, no one really enjoys disciplining their furry friends.  And besides, it hardly seems fair to spray your kitty with water if his behavior is a result of dietary needs.  So buy a cat garden and spend more quality time with your cat before resorting to the unpleasant discipline actions.

With a little thought and patience, you can figure out why your sweet pet is eating houseplants and put an end to it

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