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How To Care For A Christmas Cactus

Tips for growing a potted Christmas Cactus

Seeing a Christmas cactus in full bloom is stunningly beautiful. In Winter when everything outside is grey, white & cold the burst of bright color from a potted Christmas cactus is a joy to see.

The stark differences are amazing.  As a gift this potted cactus will last much longer than a flower arrangement.  Blooming near the holidays makes them wonderful gift and great home decorations.

If you choose to buy one before October, make sure that it doesn't have any visible buds.  This will ensure that it is still in dormancy and will be getting ready to set blooms for the holiday.  The key to getting the best blooms and a long living plant is to keep your planted Christmas cactus located in a well lit room out of direct sunlight.

In the fall, a potted Christmas cactus will require 12 hours of darkness.  It's best to keep your Christmas cactus in a room that has bright, natural, indirect light and choose a room that is not artificially lit in the evening.  This will encourage it to set buds.

Water the pot every 3 days depending on how humid your climate it. Indoor winter air is dry and temps are fairly even so watering one a week will be enough to keep your Christmas cactus happy.  Mist regularly and don't let the soil dry out.  Water when the top inch or two becomes dry.

The potted Christmas cactus loves humidity so keep it away from hot sun.  In the Fall, reduce watering to stimulate blooming.  Use cactus or succulent soil mix as soil. In the Summer, bring your planter outside and set in a shady location.

Fertilize in the Spring and Summer with a balanced fertilizer.  Be aware, if you notice buds falling off before opening, it means you are over watering

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