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2 Ways To Start A Potted Aloe Vera


Here in Arizona we have a lot of Aloe Vera plants growing naturally.  Seeing these wonderful plants potted and placed on a patio as part of your landscape décor is easy to do.  Growing them in a
pot is easy but starting from an aloe leaf is rather tricky.  Most people will start with an offshoot which tends to be easier to do.

Starting with a leaf is rather difficult because these plants have a lot of moisture and will dry out before they can take root.  But, using an offset is easier.  Find an aloe leaf that is a bit over 3” long.  Maybe you have a potted aloe already in your yard or on your patio.  Cut the leaf at the base using a sharp, clean knife.  Try cutting in a downward angle. Place the leaf in a warm place for a film to form over the cut.  Anywhere from a few days to weeks.

Now select the pot you want to use.  Make sure that it has a drain hole.  Most pots will work fine but we recommend you start with a terracotta clay flowerpot.  Terracotta clay is meant to breathe and will start your plant out with the healthiest chance.  Fill the garden planter with cactus soil and dampen it.  Stick the leaf cut side down into the soil burying it by 1/3.

Place the clay garden pot some place warm and sunny and water it with care.  For 4 weeks keep the soil moist. Then wait till soil is completely dry before you water it again. Don’t worry if the leaf shrinks and dries while it is developing roots.

Another way is to start with an off shoot.  Smaller than the main plant and has 4 leaves several inches tall.  Follow the directions above for planting.  Make sure the roots are completely covered in soil.  Water enough to make soil damp but not soaking.  Place the pot in a sunny spot and wait one week before you water it again.

Now decide which method is better for you.  But, know that unless you pot these aloe plants they will take over your garden.  By keeping them contained in a garden pot – you will be able to decide where you want them to grow.  Good Luck!

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