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A Few Favorite Indoor Plants


If you don't have a few indoor potted plants than you are missing out. They not only add color & beauty but they can also increase oxygen levels in your home and remove harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, carpets & faux woods.

Below we want to list some of our favorites that are pretty easy to grow and become welcome additions to every home no matter what style or size.

Snake Plants - You will see these potted two tone plants in many homes.  Their variegated leaves grow upright and can have yellow or white edges.  They love most lighting conditions so place the planter by a window or an indoor darker corner.  Since the soil can stay dry most of the time they don't take a lot of care.

Cactus - Heck who can kill a cactus right?  Potted they can give a minimalistic touch to a interior decor.  Just make sure they have a drain hole in the pot and the right type of potting soil. You want to water the roots by giving them a drink when the top soil is dry. Don't water the cactus directly.

Rubber Tree - You see these a lot potted indoors.  The leaves are beautiful oblong shape and have a great texture to them.  They grow large so make sure the planter has a lot of room for them to grow and you don't need to repot every season.  They like indirect sunlight and slightly dry soil.

Fiji Palm - The dwarf version of the tropical pal adds a cool tropical feel.  Plant in a white pot to contract with the dark green palm leaves that look like fans.  This plant likes warm temperatures, and most are shade tolerant.

English Ivy - We love the trailing greenery of this potted indoor plant.  It's the most air purifying indoor plant.  It makes great hostess gifts when potted in a decorative planter.  It's really easy to care for and loves cooler temps and most soil.

Lastly is Aloe Vera - Everyone has or should have one of these potted plants around the house.  You are all aware of the medicinal properties of these plants.  When it comes to a burn there is nothing better.  Just pinch off a piece and rub it on the burn to start the healing process.

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