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pH Soil Testing


We highly recommend testing your potting soil for pH levels.  You ask why?  Well here are a few tips and the importance of staying on top of it.  When you are planning a potted garden, flowerpots around your home or shrubs and trees in large containers it's important to know if your soil is acidic, neutral or alkaline.  Most plants are neutral but others can be fussy and require a more accurate acidic or alkaline base.

When you bring plant materials home from the local nursery, it's important to know if your potting mix need some help to assure that the correct mix is used in the
 planters  for the best outcome of growth and health.  
Neutral soil will read approximately 6.5 to 7.5
Alkaline above 7
Acidic almost 14

The easiest way to test the soil is by using a probe.  They will come with full instruction and can range around $20.00 These will work for indoor and outdoor containers and potted plants and flowers.  Some require soil being placed into a test tube and adding a powder with water. Others by inserting a probe directly into the soil and get an instant reading.

There are many suggestions on how to amend the soil to get the correct reading on the meter probe so google it for specifics.  Wood Ash, Sulfur, Meal, Vinegar or Baking Soda can all be added to the potting mix for the best results with the garden containers.

Whatever method you decide to follow when planting into pottery, make sure you do a bit of pre-planting to research and adjust the soil to find the perfect blend for you.
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