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Potted Jasmine To Help You Sleep

Potted Jasmine to help with sleep
Everyone has issues sleeping from time to time.  You can try soothing music, sleeping aids, meditating but we suggest you place a potted plant next to your bed and let nature help you out.  

Select a beautiful flowerpot that you love.  Whether it's a natural clay terracotta pot or a brightly colored planter in bold colors, find something that compliments your bedroom and makes you happy.  Then pot up one of these suggested plants below and see what works for you.  

Jasmine:  This plant is considered exotic and is used in many perfumes and fragrance sprays. Its lovely fragrance is soothing and gentle on the mind and body. Research suggests it reduces anxiety levels, leading to greater sleep quality.  It blooms beautiful white and, pine blossoms.  Amazing plant!

Lavender is something we are all familiar with.  It's lovely pastel flowers that are calming to look at and smells heavenly are safe to say is one of the most well know flowers and is used in all kinds of room scents & potpourris.

Studies have shown that crying babies are calmed by the smell and induced into a deeper sleep.  In women, it is shown to increase light sleep, and decrease rapid eye movement.  REM  
To get the best affect, try potting up a lavender plant into a lovely flowerpot and place it on your night stand.

Here are just a few suggestions.  If you don't like either of the above plants you can always go with

Spider Plants
Peace Lily
Gerbera Daisies
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