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Turn A Flowerpot Into A Candle


We love our clay pot craft ideas and are constantly searching the web for new ideas. There are so many creative people out there and lots of easy, fun ideas.  Here is how to make a broken clay pot into a decorative candle that can be used during the holidays or when changing out the applique, would work great with lots of other holidays.  Give it a go and let us know below how it worked for you!

When the winter evenings are chilly, this decoration warms the heart.  Choose a motif with a rustic country look. With a small tealight candle in the center, the design lights up with a winter glow.  The motif is a paper napkin, decoupage onto the inside of a flower pot.  Perhaps you know someone who can cut you a couple of unused pots this way or you can find a broken pot.  Either way has the pots for all your craft needs.

Supplies needed:

- clay flowerpot
- paper napkin with your choice of design
- acrylic paint matching the design on the napkin
- acrylic paint in white
- paper napkin applique' glue
- snow paint (paste)
- paintbrushes
- tealight or battery operated candle

Base coast inside the flower pot with white paint and let dry.  Paint the outside of the flowerpot with the color of your choice and let dry. Apply the napkin to the inside of the pot.  When the glue is dry, apply textured snow paste to the details of the napkin where you wish.  Let the past dry overnight. Place the tealight inside!  You can find this craft idea and more at
Share with us below on how you did!

Hope you liked this craft project. Stay tuned we have plenty more!

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