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Tips On How To Repair A Cracked Garden Planter.

Tips on how to repair a cracked clay garden planter

Letís learn how to repair a broken pot.

Sorry to say that it is usual to crack or chip a clay flowerpots at one point in your garden adventures.  Well, if your damage isnít all that bad, you can repair the pot and return it to a fairly normal condition.  All you need to do is try a few of the tips listed below.  Think about it, what have you got to lose?

Choose a epoxy glue.  You mix the two compounds Ė one part glue, one part hardener, before you cement the pieces.  Read the package instructions for mixing, then apply the mending goo to both parts before joining them.

Fit the pieces together and tie the pot so that itís securely held in place.  Use a cord or rope for large pots, try plumbers tape for smaller ones.
Wipe off any glue that spills out of the cracks when you fit the pieces together.  Sand off any extra reside that you want to remove.

Once the pot is sealed you can stain or paint the pot to try to hide the cracks.  Make sure you use a paint that is for terracotta flower pots.  There are many colors available.  Many times you wonít even bother painting them since once the flowerpots are planted in the plants will grow over the sides and hide many of the issues anyway.

The point is, donít give up.  That garden planter you purchased was expensive and you donít have to toss it out.   Give this a try. What have you got to lose!
Repair a cracked garden container
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