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De-Stress Your Life With Gardening

Many of us garden because we want to grow our own fruits & veggies.  An attractive landscape or curb appeal may be the goal of others.  Gardening in pottery, can also be therapeutic.  People that garden relax the mind, body and spirit.  Actually it's not the gardening that's relaxing, but the way we approach it.
Focusing on your gardening task is the key to relieving stress.  It's not the finish line you are racing towards but the process of getting there that's important.  Selecting the right planter, taking into account the size, color & shape.  Then making sure you have the correct potting soil. This is not the time or place to use dirt from the ground.  Take an afternoon and stroll thru the garden center looking for just the right plant materials.

Are you into lush deep emerald green plants & bushes. Or, are you drawn to the colorful fall plants like mums & heuchera.  Verbena has always been one of  my favorites because it fills a large plant in no time with color flowers and deep green leaves.  Oxalis and decorative cabbage & kale are perfect this time of year.
After gathering all your materials together, it's time to quiet your mind and tune out the noise.  Take a deep breathe and feel the cool air rush around you.  Take your pottery  of choice and fill the bottom with river rock or pot filler.  Hand shovel full of deep dark & rich potting mix.  Smell the clean soil!  Remove your plants from the nursery containers and notice their root systems.

Do they need a gentle separating?  Loosen them up so they have room to grow and place them in a decorative fashion inside the pottery.  Top of the plants with more soil and a plant topper.  Use pot shards, glass beads, pine cones, silver balls.  Anything that calls out to you.

Finally, clean up, step back and admire what you have just created.  Take the time to really look peacefully and carefully.  From this day forward you get to enjoy looking at and smelling your potted containers. Invite friends onto your porch or grand kids into the garden.  Relax, and enjoy.  You deserve it!

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