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Repairing Broken Containers!

Well it happens to all of us.  Moving a garden planter to a new home in the garden, or backing up in the car and hitting the pots flanking the garage door.  Planters get damaged, mistakes happen, don't worry we offer a few tips to help.
If all of the pieces of the planter that was damaged fit tightly and you use the right adhesive, these tips should help.  If none of the above are applicable, then plan on purchasing a new pot!
Choose an epoxy glue.  You mix the two compounds before you cement the pieces.  Always read the directions for mixing.  Fit the pieces together and tie the pot so that it is securely held together.  Use a cord or rope for large pots or painters tape for smaller ones.  Just make sure that you don't use a dirty rope so that it doesn't damaged the surface of a clay planter.  Wipe off excess glue that seeps out the crack.  Use sandpaper after the glue is dry to remove any residue.
When you replant in the damaged container, try potting up a climbing vine that will drape over the sides of the pot and possibly cover the crack.  If you can turn the planter around so the crack doesn't show, more the better.  If you must hide the crack because it's visible on all sides try painting the pot or staining it with exterior grade paint or stain. This will not work with glazed planters but works on other surfaces.  You will always have to seal the painted pot, inside and outside with a waterproof sealant.
Having one of your favorite garden planters get damaged is always disappointing but there are options for trying to save it.  Give it a go and let us know of your success!
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