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Indoor Succulents, Anthuriums, Lily


Key points to help with indoor potted plants like succulents, anthuriums and peace lilies.
Succulents store water in their fleshy stems and leaves.  Water sparingly and make sure the garden pots drain well or the plants will rots if their roots are sitting in standing water.  Use shallow containers since the root systems are shallow.

Of course they are going to like a nice sunny window but you need to make sure that there are no drafts in the winter time or you might as well have them sitting outside.  Use a well draining potting mix and top the pot with small stones or pebbles.  Water every one or two WEEKS making sure the soil dries out completely between watering.  When it comes to fertilizer use a liquid plant food and follow instructions

Native to the American Tropics, Anthuriums combine glossy deep green leaves with bright red blooms.  No flowers last longer indoors and can last up to 3 months from the time they open.  Seen mostly in the Hawaiian Isles and tropics these plants are easy to grow if you give them bright light but not direct sunlight.  Well draining pot soil helps and you should let them get slightly dry between watering.   Dead head old flowers and keep them away from drafty windows and color areas.

Peace lilies are great indoors.  they like low light and are made up of dark green leaves and showy white blooms.  They also keep the air inside pure.  Some varieties grow large and other stay small so be sure and talk to your nursery person.  They like bright indirect light and if the leaves get into direct sunlight they can burn.  Feed ever two weeks during growing time and water a couple time a year.  Plant in a good size planter so that you won't have to repot the roots every year.  You can also place smaller ones on a table indoors.
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