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Herbs in Garden Planters


Container gardening with herb plants is an easy alternative to keeping a formal herb garden.  Here are a few tips to help you get it right!
When considering whether or not to pot your herbs when planting, you must take into consideration if you have limited space, maybe bad garden soil, want to keep the herbs next to the back door for convenience of use in the kitchen, keep them from taking over the whole garden or just to prolong the growing season.

Maybe you live in a downtown high rise, an condo or apartment and don't have any space but a window ledge or balcony.  Whatever your reason, potting your garden herbs instead of planting directly into the ground is easy and abundant.  Here's how.

When choosing the container to use we first must decide if we are planting outdoors or indoors.  Obviously indoors require a smaller size garden planter and a saucer to catch water run off.  You can also pick a colored container that compliments the indoor room style and decoration.

Terracotta planters are best whether you plant indoors or outdoors because the clay breathes and is the healthiest choice.  However, they may not always be the first design choice and there ceramic and other products can work very well also.

You can plant all the herbs in one large garden pot or separate them into different pots for each type.  There are planters made specially for herbs, which have multiple pockets for each type.  They are usually called strawberry or pocket pots.

Be sure not to overcrowd the pots so that each plant has enough space to expand and reaches its potential.  We like to use pots to contain the root system on invading types.  You can plant directly into the pot and then plant the
pot directly into the ground.

When it comes to selecting the types of herbs you can experiment to your hearts desire.  Most herbs will grow indoors or out with great success.  Try keeping the kitchen herbs you use the most in cooking on the counter top within reach or place the pot right outside a kitchen window for easy access.

Use a good potting soil and use a fertilizer during the growing season.  Keep all pots indoors or out well watered and don't let them dry out completely.
By keeping the herbs trimmed will prolong their life cycle and help the re-growth.  Growing them in containers is easy, fun and rewarding to do.
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