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Make This Garden Planter!


A planter bowl of mixed plants almost always looks better than the same number dotted around in individual pots.  Garden center and florists often sell mixed garden bowls, but you can probably make on more cheaply using a container that you already have.  Or, you can enhance the process of creating one by purchasing a new bowl from Arizona Pottery.  It's always fun to find new plants to use.
What you will need to create this look:
* A large ceramic or clay garden bowl with drain hole.
* Bark chippings or pot filler.
* Compost
* A collection of mixed foliage and flowerling plants.

Step one is easy.  Cover the drainage hole with crock pieces, bark chippings or pot filler, which we sell in our pot accessory section.  Partially fill the container with compost.

It is a good ideas to have a showy centerpiece plant - then insert an empty pot temporarily in the center so you are sure to leave enough space of other plants.

Place the other plants around the centerpiece pot, rearranging them as necessary while still in their pots.  Do not start planting in the compost until you are happy with the results.
Then remove the plants from their pots and plant.  Finally, insert the centerpiece.  If it is going to be there for some time, remove it from the pot and plant directly into the soil.  If you are likely to have to replace it after a few weeks - as is common with flowering plants once they finish blooming - keep it in its container.

Here is a great tip.  for a lively, varied mix use a combination of small bushy, vertical and trailing plants.  Tradescantias are a good choice for the last category, particularly since they come in a wide range of bright colors, including greens, creams and bronze.
Plant any time of year.
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