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How Green is your Garden?


What you do to your own plot of land affects the larger landscape around you.  Your neighbors, as well as nearby meadows, deserts, forests, rivers and other waters.  How well are you doing?
When it comes to design does your garden space utilize paving, like gravel, granite or pavers' with spaces between for ground cover?  If your garden and pottery containers watered by a drip system that includes an automatic controller?

Do you reprogram the controller to fit the demands of each season?  Like less water in winter and more in summer?  How about do you group plants in your containers according to their water needs.  This is so important for the plants health and making sure you are not over watering the planter where it will flow outside the pot into the soil from the pots drain hole.

Finally, does your garden or patio area feed and shelter birds, butterflies, and other wildlife?  Come on people do your part.  These poor creatures have enough to deal with already and can use all of our helps.  We sell birdhouses and feeders that are inexpensive, cute and do the job!

Check them out.....Have you planted flowers or plants in your garden pottery that attracts beneficial insects like lady bugs and lacewings, to help control harmful insects?  And finally, have you planted perennials such as lavender, or salvia that attract pollinators like bees and hummingbirds?
These are all easy steps to take to insure that you are doing your part to help the wildlife, conserve your water and increase the success of your plant materials life.  It's really very simple.
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