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Planting a mini cacti garden.


We love easy and fun projects to do with garden planters and here is another one that involves Cacti....
Planting a bowl of cacti may take a bit of care and patience, but it is worth the effort since children love cacti.  Once planted, the cacti ask nothing more than benevolent neglect and they look stunning!

Start with a 10" terracotta clay low bowl of some shape and style.  Since cacti has very small root systems you don't need anything deep.  We love the natural clay look that clay pottery gives to the cacti but any dish glazed or not will work equally well.
Fill the bowl with cactus compost to within 2" of the rim.  Prepare a thickly folded strip of newspaper to help handle the cacti.  Before planting, decide on your arrangement of the plants by standing them in their pots inside the bowl.

Ease the plants from their pots, surround them with a newspaper collar and lift into place.  Handle more ferocious plants carefully, and leave the really prickly ones till last or you will stab yourself on them as you are planting the rest.
Fill in around the plants with extra compost if needed.  Add a finishing rock to the top and place the planter in good light.  Water sparingly.  If you have small children be sure to place the potted cacti in a safe area.  You can always substitute succulents instead; they require the same treatment and are thorn free.
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