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Top Dress Your Planter Containers


By dressing up the top of your garden planters with decorative materials it will not only make the pots look outstanding but the items will help to retain the soil's moisture.  Looks & Function create a great combination!

By placing a topping of some kind of material on top of the soil of your potted garden plants it helps to prevent the soil from washing out of the pot when you water.  It also traps the moisture that would quickly evaporate from uncovered soil.  Your plants roots will stay cooler, even in the hottest weather and are able to spread more uniformly through the soil in the pot.  These are all great things for the health and growth of the plants that you love so much.

Another way to look at top dressing your garden pottery is:  have you ever potted a plant and wished for something to add a bit more spice to your creation?  Everything looks OK but just not exciting!  by topping the soil with decorative materials you add a touch of whimsy and eye catching finish to a lovely planter.  It's fun and creative and you can really get your decorative juices flowing.

The main thing to consider is you want to build a barrier between the top of the pot and the soil that surrounds your plants.  You can use many different kinds of materials and really the only thing that is limiting you is your imagination.

Try colorful marbles that will glimmer and shine in the sun.  A seashell collection from your last trip to the beach or a rock collection of rocks from your many hikes are all good toppers.  Polished rocks, and faux rocks give a zen feel to the planted pot.

We show pot shards on top or fresh picked fruit.   If you have children involved, try using their plastic toys or fun games pieces like checkers, or chess men.
Use your imagination and have fun.  It's healthy for your plants & you!

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