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What Is Your Fav Houseplant?

Here are a few comments about houseplants that we want to share.

Gardenias make a lovely green bush for most of the year, brightening up a sunny front room.  As the weather cools they bloom and transform the room into a beautiful, fragrant, tropical garden.  Plant them in a decorative container and make a bold statement in your home. 

Banana Trees can be potted and placed in a sun room or garden room indoors.  Their leaves are constantly emerging and uncurling.  In the evening, the leaves fold down making a bouquet of little green pyramids.  Try to plant them in a container that is noticeably larger than the root ball.  Since they like the added space they will grow healthy and lovely leaves and flowers.

Phalaenopsis orchids are easy to grow.  If you water them one or twice a week and lightly fertilize them once in a while, they reward you with beautiful flowers for several months.  The best part is that they bloom in January and February when gardeners really appreciate their color.  Their plant needs are unusual.

Clivia is easy to take care of and they brighten the room with clusters of orange flowers.  Even when they are not flowering, the foliage is handsome.

African Violets are lovely.  They welcome you home at the end of a long day with a burst of color.  The leaves are stunning and a great compliment to the bright and bold colors of the flowers.  Some leaves are variegated green and white giving them a unusual appearance.

There are specific pots made for violets that hold a inner pot over a outer pot that contains the water.  We show it in a lovely clay pot that is functional and simple.

All of these are unusual plants that make great houseplants!

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