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What To Do In October


As the weather cools off and your garden area begins to look a bit bare, here are a few suggestions that when used, can make your garden outstanding!

Nothing elicits a smile quite like a homegrown floral bouquet, and fall's moderate weather offers the ideal conditions for planting a cutting garden.  Believe it or not this is the best time to plant and pot a cool weather cutting garden.  Most annuals planted in fall will end their life cycles when temperatures spike in summer.

The best cut flowers maintain their color and vase life and feature sturdy stems that hold blossoms upright You can easily plant these seeds in a large planter on the patio area or on the porch next to a entryway.  That way you can have color during the October and November months and even cutting flowers that you can use indoors to decorate with.

Make sure that the planter pots are in full sun at least part of the day.  A protected spot like next to a wall that will reflect the sun will help to keep the plants warm and extend the bloom life.  It is best to mulch the top of the planter to provide an added layer of protection for the cooler evening

These flowers shown above all are great cool season cut flowers.  Gaillardia, Angelita daisy, dill, chives, calendula or lavender.  Other choices are garden herbs, asparagus, bishop's lace, bronze fennerl, and curley parsley.

This is the time of year to plant colorful grasses.  These fill out garden planter's and add stunning color to all patio areas.  Bring out pumpkins and gourds and use them as decoration around your displays.  This is a great time to plant Sweet peas in planters.  This photo shows Blue Sweet Peas, which is fragrant and lovely.

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