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Lovin The Fall Foliage


It's that time of year when the "jewels" of color are starting to show up.

You don't need a lot of space to get big color. By planting one of the trees listed below you are well on your way to achieving stunning color.  Amber, scarlet and plums will all show up and be hard to overlook.  Many of these types of trees fit perfectly into small gardens and are wonderful planted into large garden planters.

If you plant them now, these trees will develop a strong root system in the cool months and thrive when the weather warms. 

When it comes to selecting the type of planters to use we have a few tips to share.  Even though "Terracotta Clay" is lovely and makes a wonderful compliment to the bright colors of the trees, these are not our first recommendation.  Terracotta is meant to breathe and there for will break down over time.  This means if you plant a tree into a terracotta clay pot you will eventually have to re-pot it.  Since it can only get bigger this could become a problem. 

Ceramic pots or planters that are high fired would be a much better choice.  These planters will never break down unless they are cracked or chipped.  Then the water you use on the plants or trees will find that crack and get inside the clay and eventually erode it.  You will also have a larger selection of colors, finishes and styles to choose from. 
So, check out these tree suggestions below and let us know how they work for you.

  Unusual fan shaped leaves become glowing yellow in fall and linger a long time.  When leaves finally drop, they do so almost all at once, creating a golden carpet atop lawns or paving. 
These trees can reach quite tall but if planted in a garden pot it will stunt the growth of the tree and keep it on the smaller side.  Place the tree in full sun and enjoy these lovely leaves.

Japanese Maple:  Prized for their graceful shape, delicate leaves, and diminutive stature, these slow growing maples can reach 20 feet, but most of the popular varieties are less that half that size - perfect for containers in entryways and patios.  They also are great for backdrops for ferns and azaleas, or under stores for oaks.  All provide vibrant fall color, red leaved varieties that intensify, turning from red to scarlet.

Favorites for pots include lacy dissectum and burgundy red dragon.
When planting either of these trees above here are a few tips:
Plant in a pot with drain holes.  Use a planter that is atleast 2 inches larger than the root ball of the tree.  Use a well draining potting mix and water deeply after planting.  Repot the tree every other year if necessary and feed with fertilizer according to package instructions.

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