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Determine Your Potted Plants Needs


Of course there are special weather and location considerations to make when planning to grow container plants.  Factors like the amount of sun and wind, the location on a slope, and whether there is reflected heat combine to create conditions at a particular spot that differ from those in the rest of your landscape.

Portability expands the climate tolerance of container plants.  You can bring them indoors for protection from the cold, move them into direct sunlight if they need it or move them into the shade.

Help with Sun & Shade considerations:

When you select a plant you should think about how it grows naturally.  Some like shade and added protection, others direct sunlight without the protection of trees.  Plant materials can be sensitive to bright sun and will have the tendency to burn easily.  Think about the tropical climates where many plants thrive like Mexico, or the Caribbean.  If you place them planted in pots and they are covered in shade, they will grown spindly and not thrive.  Cactus and Zinnias, love the sun and can soak it up all day.

An easy way to think of different light needs are Shade, Part Sun or Sun.  Plants growing in different locations within the same yard will have different light needs.  Think about if the planter will be under a patio cover all day, in partial sunlight during the morning etc when considering where to place the planters.  Some background areas never see direct sunlight but can still get a lot of daylight.  Exposure is key when deciding what to plant and where to place the pots.

1. Northern Exposure is mostly blocked from sun all day.  This is considered full shade for general purposes.
2.  Eastern Exposure is morning sun and shade for rest of the day.
3.  Southern Exposure get the most hours of sunlight.
4.  Western Exposure shade in morning and full sun in afternoon.

If you are placing the potted plants by a swimming pool be sure and take into consideration the reflective light that will occur off the water.
One tip to remember is how the shadows change throughout the growing season.  One month your planter may be in full sun and the next month part shade with your home blocking it.  However, this is where potted plants really shine.  The portability can't be beat when you can move the plants around as needed without much effort.  We sell different tools to help with this like our Pot lifter.

The last tip to consider is wind.  Make sure that the pot is weighted down with soil, place where it can be protected if needed and only plant flowers or plants that can handle the added wind factor.

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