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Let's Clean Our Garden Planters!

Since we are a number one source for garden containers on the web, lets share a tip on how to keep those pots healthy and looking good

You say healthy?  Yes, we did!  You need to wash your pots and continue to keep them clean from season to season and here's why.  Pots that are dirty can contain pests, bacteria and fungus that can harm your new plants once they are planted.  Since plants and soil that are contained in a garden pot can't rely on the earths soil to help fight off damaging and unhealthy bacteria, you must be extra careful.  

Don't take this wrong.  We love garden pottery!  When it comes to growing flower or veggies in containers there is nothing more satisfying and creative.  Contained gardens are perfect for small spaces like a balcony or roof top garden, how about a different herb in each pot right outside a kitchen window. The possibilities are endless but we just want you to be cautious with your pottery so that you will have great success year after year.

Here are some basic steps.  Brush the pots to remove any dried dirt or debris that may have attached itself.  Fill a large container with warm soapy water using dish soap.  Add a cup of vinegar and brush thoroughly.  Rinse the pots off and leave them to dry outside in the sun or in a dish strainer in the house.

Now the pots are ready for planting.  This simple step should ensure that your plant will start healthy and remain healthy.  Potted plants, herbs, & veggies. Nothing better!
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Make A Hobbit Garden In A Flowerpot


Making a fairy garden or a hobbit house in a garden planter is fun, magical, and easy to do.  We found this at and had to share.

Start by collecting all  items that will be used in the hobbit house pot.  Use our color  bowl planter which comes in many bright beautiful colors. (shown)Get gravel, moss, soil, grass, trees and the fun stuff like a hobbit door, window, chimney, and accessories.  You will need scissors, clippers, hot glue gun, watering can and small brush along with a ton of imagination!

Start by putting a pea sized pebbles in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage. Place the sheet moss over the gravel to help with filtration and to keep the soil from sinking to the bottom.  You will use extra moss to cover the top of your plants.

Remove 2 small plants from nursery pots and place the plant aside for now.  Glue the bottom of the pot and secure the door and window. Place these aside to dry.

Pull the pot with potting soil and shape it so you have a hill on one side of the pot and a flat surface on the other.  Add your tree to the left side of your hill, right on the edge of your pot.  Now add the door at the base of tree.  Then the window and then grass above the window.

Lastly fill in the gaps using miniature plants.  Fill in with more soil where needed.  Add your miniature furniture, mailbox and garden bench.  This is where you can get super creative!

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Great Pottery Planting Tips!


Here are some tried and true planter tips that really help.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

Always check you garden containers for drainage holes.  99% of the planters we carry have hole in them when they are produced but we offer a few styles that do not.  If you purchase a pot that doesn't have a drain hole you will need to make some.  Using a masonry drill bit you can drill any pot we offer, including our concrete.

Stop the rot.  To help water drain freely, place broken terracotta pots, pot filler, or large pebbles in the bottom of your garden pots.  You can always put fine mesh or gravel on top of the filler to prevent the drain holes from becoming blocked.  All plants need good drainage.  If the root system sits in standing water, they will rot and the plant will not survive.

Reusing old pots is a great way to save money but you should make sure they are cleaned properly. Stored pots can be a breeding ground for pests and diseases.  Don't risk not cleaning them. Use a scrub brush and use warm water & and detergent. Make sure you rinse well.  
Soaking garden
pots in a mild bleach solution and then rinsing works well also.

Clay pots that are not glazed are porous and when filled with water the water will freeze and expand, causing the pot to crack.  Line them with a heavy-duty plastic. Place a layer of pebbles in the base and fill with potting mix.  Use scissors to cut drain holes in the bottom.  Trim the excess at the top.

As you can see, by taking a few simple steps you can create lovely potted containers.
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Container Ideas To Share


This is the time of year to be outside enjoying the lovely weather. So, why not do it in style by trying some of these great container gardening ideas and plant suggestions.

We are loving this arrangement called "Summertime flair.!  Its full of elephants ear and tons of small colorful flowers.  The over-sized leaves of the elephant ears lends a stately touch.  They allow you to fill in the spaces around them with beautiful, colorful flowers.  Rim the pot with a trailing ivy that will gently cascade over the sides. STUNNING!

This one is called "Meet MiIss Lantana" Tougher than Clint Eastwood, lantana parties in heat, chortles at drought, and blooms in a slew of sunny colors from spring till fall. Plus, it's nectar-laden flowers attract pretty butterflies like moths to a flame.  Using a planter that has the same color palette as the flowers is wonderful.

Here is "Bring on the Sun".  The high drama, low maintenance container spotlights Variegated Spreading Salmon 'SunPatiens', but leaves room for a foxtail asparagus fern and a 6" pot of Neon pathos.  Lots of green and a touch of color. NICE

Lastly here is a "Quick Container Combo".  In the largest pot, working from back to front and tallest to shortest, densley plant 'Liberty Classic Yellow' snapdragon, 'Bouquet Rose Magic' dianthus, and 'Tickled Pink' veronica.  Place 'New Look' dusty miller and 'Lemon Ball' sedum in the front to trail over the edge. Pack a powerful, single note punch in the two smaller pots by planting 'Supertunia Vista Bubblegum' petunia in the midsize container and more sedum in the smallest.  OUTSTANDING!

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