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Beautiful Planters Into Water Features

Turning garden pottery into water features for your home or garden areas are becoming very popular. The sound of moving water is both soothing and calming.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.
This water feature shown above, made from an garden pot adds a traditional touch to this contemporary outdoor space. Water spills over the edges of the pot onto a bed of beach pebbles, producing soothing white noise for relaxation.  Design by Chad Robert.

This Asian inspired garden two pots were used.  The bottom one is sitting upside down with a garden bowl sitting on top.  This is an easy way to hide the pump being used to move the water.  Filling the top bowl with stone adds beauty and weight to keep the pot secure in windy weather.  The koi is a nice addition.

Here is a bold idea.  Don't hesitate to use bright bold colors for garden pots when designing a water feature.  This is a large glazed planter that is high fired and will hold up well to the spilling water cascading down the sides.  When everywhere you look is green, add a splash to color!

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Tips That Help For Potted Planters

Here are a few great tips we saw at for low maintenance landscape ideas that will work great for garden planters.

1.  Instead of throwing away empty laundry detergent containers, rinse them out thoroughly and then recycle them for watering your potted planters.  Drill 1/8" holes in the top of the cap, and a 1/2" hole just above the handle to relieve pressure so the water flows freely.  Easy to make and handy to use, this is a great tip for many reasons.  We love the idea of recycling the container and the potted plants will love the added attention and water!

2.  Use ice to prevent fast draining.  Tired of water draining too quickly through your hanging planters? Try this ice cube trick.  They will melt slowly enough so plants can absorb as much water as they need.  Perfect tip for hot summers like here in Arizona. Hanging pots are such a lovely addition to any patio or porch that you need to take the time to treat them right. This ice cube trick is the perfect way!
Well these are just a few tips for your potted containers, and each is really great. Give them a try and share with us how they work!

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Fall Potted Flowers For Your Garden

Don't leave your garden planters empty this fall.  Here are a few types of flowers that are recommended for potting that will add color and beauty to your garden or patio areas!
Aster:  New England aster bears loads of pink, blue, purple and white flowers. Butterflies love them.
Toad Lily:  Need shade so they are perfect for fall with orchid like flowers that bloom till mid fall.
Goldenrod:  Cheery yellow flowers that are tough yet lovely.  Grow to 4 feet so use a big planter.
Russian Sage:  A great purple flower to add to your pots instead of the usual fall foliage colors

Colchicum - big cup shaped blooms will fill any planter and will add color with white or pink.
Helenium:  Daisy looking flowers which are also tough and easy to grow in a planter. Red, orange,
Sedum:  A most popular flower for autumn containers.  Grows to 18" tall.
Red Spider LIly:  A truly exotic bulb that burst with bright red flowers. Love the spidery clusters!

Japanese Anemone:  Large poppy shaped pink or white flowers that stand tall in any planter.
Turtlehead:  A funny name but a beautiful white or pink bloom with glossy green foliage.
Fall Crocus:  Sun or shade, 6" tall and overlooked as a fall crocus. Perfect in any garden.
Monkshood:  Beautiful blue that adds to the yellow and orange of fall flowers

When you have a lovely garden or patio area planters, you need to keep it looking great during the fall season. Hope these suggestions will help you choose the best flowering plants to add that extra finished look to your fall planters!

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What Can You Grow In A Flowerpot?

What kind of plants can you grow in our standard 8" flower pot?
When it comes to choosing the size of a planter to use for the items you wish to grow, here are a few tips that may help.  Whether it's one item like a pot full of rosemary or a planter stuffed with a combination of herbs, this is your time to be creative and correct.  Remember this is the time to select a container that will give the plant roots room to grow.

Whatever you choose to grow please be aware of the spacing recommendations on any seed packet or plant label you may choose. Be aware of how large the plant will grow, how much water and space they will require and then choose the size of pot that will work best. So here are a few suggestions for our standard flower pot that measures 8" high.

Bell peppers, cabbage, carrot, chard, cucumber, fennel, kale, leek, tomato & turnip to name a few. When it comes to herbs how about, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme.  All are good choices.  There are so many things that will work beautifully.  We highly recommend when choosing your pot, that you go with terracotta clay.

This type of clay is meant to breathe so it's healthier for the plants root systems. Of course, clay will break down over time because of it's breathable properties so make sure you get a clay that is well made. Mexican clay is very heavy and porous and will break down the fastest, while Italian clay is compact, smooth and light and will hold up the longest.
Planting and growing in any size of planter is fun and functional. But, our standard 8" flower pots are the basic of any garden, or home.  This is a great place to start!

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