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Potting A Jade Plant

Even though we all know that potted jade is basically easy and simple to grow, we wanted to provide a few helpful tips to help ensure you have super success.
As expected the most important factor when growing jade in a garden planter is water, temp, light, pottery and fertilizer.  Never let a jade plant dry out completely.  Water on a schedule, like when the top of the soil is just dry to the touch.  If your potted jade starts dropping leaves then too little water was used and you need to increase.

Pick a flowerpot or garden container that has a drain hole.  Do not let the roots sit in standing water or they will rot.  We like terracotta because it breathes and is the most healthy type of flowerpot but you can use colorful talavera or ceramic.  Try not to use plastic. They are basically not that great for most plants.

Place the flowerpot in the sun because they need full sun in order to grow properly. Fertilize with a water soluble fertilizer.  Don't fertilize dry soil so make sure that it is moist first.  That's pretty much it.  Didn't we tell you it would be easy to do!
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The Right Pot For Succulents


Of course, the correct place to start is by choosing a container with drain holes.  If you find a flowerpot that you can't live without then you will have to drill holes because succulents hate standing or pooling water in the bottom of the planter.  It's hard not to get emotional when choosing that special pot to plant in.  Here are a few tips. Terracotta is breathable and is very healthy for any root system.  Ceramic is water poof and comes in great colors and styles.

Poly Resin is lightweight but not breathable so not such a good idea sometimes and concrete is heavy and not breathable so watch out.  Remember when it comes to choosing the right size of planter for your succulents a general rule is a 2" succulent works in a 2"
pot.  If you are going to group them together make sure they have room to grow.  They look nice all bunched together but that doesn't give them any room to grow so beware.
Fill top of pot mostly full with soil.  Make sure the leaves of the succulent sit above the soil to prevent rotting.  Top off the soil with small rocks or glass beads. Press down into the soil so the succulents stay in place.  This is the time to have fun and be creative.  Use colored marbles, nuts in the shell, beads, or plastic colorful gems.
Once planted leave the pot alone for 2 days with no water. This gives the roots time to heal. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Grow Spinach In A Flower Pot

Ever tired to grow spinach in a flowerpot?  It's easy to do and look how lovely!
It's always easiest to start out with a beginner plant but if you want sowing seeds is easy to do.  Next you want to decide on the container you are going to us.  Make sure that it's at least 8" deep any pot more shallow will make the root system become root bound and this is very unhealthy.  I say go a bit larger than you originally wanted. Wide pots are good so this is a great time to go with a window box rectangle, or a garden bowl or wok shape.  Terracotta clay is also the best because it is meant to breathe and is the healthiest for the roots.

Space the plants 3" apart if you want large leaves or 2" if you plan on harvesting the leaves while they are still young.  Use a rich potting mix and water till moist but not soggy.  Make sure the planter has a drain hole for water run-off.  If it's gets to hot you may need to move the pot to the shade so the leaves don't burn.  Growing spinach in flowerpots doesn't need special care.  Just follow the basics and you should be good to go.
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Create A Small Fragrant Garden In A Pot


Who doesn't like sitting on a patio, porch or balcony, taking in the sights and smelling the wonderful flowerpots and window boxes you have planted with sweet smelling plants?  We do!!!  Creating a small fragrant garden in a decorative
planter is both easy, and rewarding.
First start by selecting the garden planter you are going to use. Make sure you know the size of the root systems that the plants you want to plant are. If they are long, then you will need a deep garden pot so that the roots don't get compacted.  If they are shorter you can go with a wide deep wok style garden bowl.  Place the container where it will get some sunlight but not full sun.  If weight is an issue then go with a light container like Poly Resin or clay.

Choose your plants carefully.  Try to not to pot too many so the fragrances don't get mixed and are overpowering.  Just determine the type of fragrance you want and follow that lead.  Favorites are Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Plumeria, Gardenia, & Oleander. All easy to grow and all smell heavenly. Once planted, grab a cup of tea, sit back and take in these wonderful scents.
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Grow Watermelon in a Pot


Growing watermelon in garden containers allows this big, sweet and juicy fruit to grow in the smallest of spaces. Sweet and watery melons are without a doubt an iconic summer fruit that everyone loves. When potted, they are perfect for apartment dwellers where all you have is a small balcony to plant on.  Place the potted plants on a patio or next to a back door where you will have easy access. Here are a few tips.

It's best to start from seeds since the plant doesn't like to be transplanted.  Since the roots are long choose a pot that is deep.  This is not the time for a garden bowl or wok shaped pot.  Try to make it at least 2 feet deep and as wide as possible.  Place the pot in a sunny spot.  Where space is tight use a trellis.

Make the potting soil sandy and loamy.  Avoid compact or clay soil. Potted watermelons require a lot of water of keep moist but not wet and make sure the pot  has a drain hole for run off.  Once the fruit starts to swell and mature reduce the watering.

Fertilize with liquid fertilizers, prune side branches and any damaged leaves.  You should have watermelons in about 90 days.  Tap the side of the melon to hear a hollow sound to know when fully ripe.
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