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The Best Container Veggies


Here are our choice for the easiest veggies to grow in containers!
Carrots - Rocky soil will yield ugly, crooked carrots that taste great.
Beans - Pole Beans while easy to grow will need a trellis.
Lettuce - Do successive sowings every two weeks to space them out.
Cucumbers - Be sure to avoid potting until all danger of frost has ceased.
Spinach - Pick it continuously once it's leaves are a good size.
Tomatoes - Most people start with a starter plant from a local nursery.
Radishes - Plant seeds directly into the container early spring.
Peppers - Start with a plant from a local nursery for best results.
Squash - Don't place the pot in the wind and try to have some protection.
Basil - Sow seeds directly into garden pot in early June

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Let's Plant Potted Succulents

Easy to plant succulents survive both drought and heat.  Some of the easiest plants to pot and take care of - they are known for taking care of themselves!
Start with a wide and shallow container. Since most succulents have very short root systems they don't need the space that other plants do. However, if you like the look of a large deep planter that is fine.  Just know that the succulents will only take up the top few inches.  Fill the planter approximately 3/4 full with good potting soil. Do not use garden dirt.

Remove the plants from their nursery containers, and plant the largest succulent on one side of the pot.  Surround it with the other plants, clustering similar shapes together.  To finish the look off and make it complete, sprinkle dark colored gravel around each plant making sure the soil is covered.

Some special succulents are Sedum Spathulifolium, Kalanchoe Thrysiflora, 
Aloe Vera, Echeveria Silver Onion and Sedum Makioo Limelight.
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Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


Now that the weather has improved and we are getting excited about playing in our yards and garden areas, we don't want you to forget the un-welcomed intrudes that tag along with the nicer weather.

Mosquitoes and knats are every ones worse enemy when you want to be outside enjoying your day.  There are lots of bug sprays on the market that work but when you want to get away from the chemicals we suggest you try to pot some of these plants. Not only are they lovely but they work - naturally!
Citronella - is a beautiful perennial grass that emits a very strong odor that bugs don't like.  This plant is much more effective than the other citronella products you see on the market these days. Everything from sprays to candles.  It's super easy to grow and pot and can get tall up to 6 feet.  Use your decorative containers so  you can move them around when you entertain.
Lemon Balm - A member of the mint family it's very easy to pot and great for beginners. This hard plant resists dry weather so it's perfect for desert climates.  Since it tends to be invasive it's better to plant it is a generous sized planter that is lovely and functional
Catnip - rounds out of top 3. This plant is very effective in repelling mosquitoes and our feline friends will love you for it.  Grow this plant in a large planter pot so that you cats won't be able to roll around in it and crush everything.
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