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New Gardening Trends For 2023

New Gardening Trends for 2023

After a pandemic when we were all stuck at home, we are now starting to see folks getting more interested in fixing up their gardens and planted containers around the house. Everything now points to the interest in gardening showing no signs of slowing.


Some Home Grown Wonders - Now that container gardening is on a rise you see more folks planting a flowerpot with food items. Herbs, small veggies like scallions, & cherry tomatoes. Perfect vegetables for smaller container for a balcony or apartment living situation. Carrots, edible flowers, lettuce and greens. Tired of spending money at the grocery store for cut flowers?  Grow flowers in a flowerpot.


You can plant them in a terracotta flowerpot on your porch or patio. If you harvest them a bit at a time they can last a season. Or try planting two types in the same pottery that grows at different times. That way you will have blooming flowers a full season. Living in a smaller setting like a mini house or penthouse?


Flowerpots are the perfect answer for small spaces. You can use one large window box, small standard pots or stacked flowerpots. Place them on a patio or balcony, or indoors next to a window. Grow something fun and it will bring a satisfaction that you may have missed during the pandemic.

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Add Leftover Morning Coffee To Houseplants


Didn't finish your morning coffee?
Give it to your houseplants.

When you fix that one cup of morning Joe that you look forward to every day and then get interrupted and it doesn't get finished.  Don't pour it down the drain, because someone in your house can still use it.

Coffee is helpful to your potted houseplants, adding nutrients and minerals to the potting soil.  It contains nitrogen, potassium and magnesium which can help your plant as much as fertilizer.

Some obvious tips are to let the coffee cool to room temperature. You potted houseplants do not want or can use hot coffee which would damaged the potted plants roots.  Secondly use black coffee.  The healthy plants don't want or need any additives like cream or half & half.  You can always dilute the coffee with water to tone it down a bit.  The container with plants will thank you for that!

Lasty, try not to do this long term on a regular basis.  In doing so it could thru the pH balance of the potting soil off and kill your plant.  You can always use a pH monitor to check this.

This is a fun and useful way to use your left over coffee.  Just proceed with caution.

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