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New Italian Galestro Garden Planters

New Italian Garden Planters

We are so happy with our Brand New
Garden Planters from Italy.

Each generous sized garden planter has slightly rounded edges and a hard to find square shape.  From the heart of Tuscany comes our Copenhagen Italian Pottery. Made of Galestro earth which is a prized clay coming from the Tuscan hills, and is particularly resistant to frost and with excellent breathability.

The pyrite it contains enriches the surface of each piece with fascinating irregularities, making each pot unique and precious.  This planter is hand finished.  Made of Eco-friendly materials.  With it's simple lines and unusual clay, it's a treasure.

Stamped with the Italian manufacturers name on it for authenticity.

Looks lovely filled with evergreens, colorful flowers, succulents or cacti.  Perfect for patio or garden area when only the very best will do!
Available in Latte (left) or Grey (right)
 2496-Clay-Finish 2497-Grey-Finish
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DIY Vertical Hanging Garden

Indoor Herb Gardens have always been popular.  Where you have a few clay flowerpots sitting on the kitchen windowsill or on a kitchen counter top, but with this DIY project you can have a full array of herbs.

This herb garden is perfect for anyone who may have a limited space indoors or outdoors.  Hang next to a blank kitchen wall where you have easy access to these  flowerpots and the herbs inside.  How convenient to have them for cooking.  Maybe you live in an apartment where indoor space is limited. Then hand this pot rack on a balcony where you can access them easily.  Either way we think this hanging vertical  pot garden is a wonderful project for everyone.

Full instructions:  Click here.
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vertical garden DIY pot holder for clay flowerpots herb planters indoor and balcony pottery pots terracotta

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Easter Place Card Clay Flowerpots

You want this year to be extra special.  Not only are you preparing a wonderful Easter Supper but you have decided to put some extra effort into decorating the Easter Table.  Well, we are here to help. We though this idea was super easy and totally elegant.  
Not only is this DIY idea for a Easter Place Card inexpensive but it's easy to do. Take a clay garden planter and saucer.  Write each guest name with a paint pen on the side.  Fill the clay pot with shredded colorful paper.  Add a Chocolate Rabbit or Rooster as the centerpiece of the pot.  Be sure and use an over-sized animal to get the full effect. Then surround the chocolate animal with Easter candy treats. A clever touch is to fill the saucer with chocolate eggs.  It just looks adorable.  

Our clay flowerpots are inexpensive, made in Italy of the finest, most compact and smooth clay and come in many sizes to choose from. From small 3" pots to extra large planters, we sell all sizes of clay flowerpots and ship them across the United States.  

Take a few extra minutes this year and make your Easter table decorative & personal! We are here to help!
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Easter Baskets Clay Pots


Simple, Cute Craft Idea for Easter Basket or Decoration!
We see many craft ideas using clay flowerpots all over the web. But, we were drawn to this idea for its simplicity and ease.  We thought these clay pots would not only make a cheery Easter decoration but how about a homemade Easter Basket for young or old.

Start with our Italian Terracotta Flower Pots which are the most compact, smooth clay being manufactured today.  Purchase some pastel acrylic paint and paint the pots in a rainbow, solid or anyway you choose to decorate them.  Fill with shredded colorful paper available from most craft stores and fill with Easter goodies or treat. How much more simple does it get and look how cute it turns out.

Have them hide around your home for the kids to find Easter morning, give to a office coworker or friendly neighbor.  Include a seed packet so they can use the decorated clay pot to grow a plant with Spring right around the corner.

We also like the idea of having one already painted, then setting up a craft table for the grandkids on Easter morning while the adults prepare Easter Supper.  So many fun ideas from a few clay pots and paint.  Have fun!
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Easter Basket Craft Idea DIY Clay Pots Painted Flowerpots for Easter Dinner Pottery Kids Crafts

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Potted Jasmine To Help You Sleep

Everyone has issues sleeping from time to time.  You can try soothing music, sleeping aids, meditating but we suggest you place a potted plant next to your bed and let nature help you out.  

Select a beautiful flowerpot that you love.  Whether it's a natural clay terracotta pot or a brightly colored planter in bold colors, find something that compliments your bedroom and makes you happy.  Then pot up one of these suggested plants below and see what works for you.  

Jasmine:  This plant is considered exotic and is used in many perfumes and fragrance sprays. Its lovely fragrance is soothing and gentle on the mind and body. Research suggests it reduces anxiety levels, leading to greater sleep quality.  It blooms beautiful white and, pine blossoms.  Amazing plant!

Lavender is something we are all familiar with.  It's lovely pastel flowers that are calming to look at and smells heavenly are safe to say is one of the most well know flowers and is used in all kinds of room scents & potpourris.

Studies have shown that crying babies are calmed by the smell and induced into a deeper sleep.  In women, it is shown to increase light sleep, and decrease rapid eye movement.  REM  
To get the best affect, try potting up a lavender plant into a lovely flowerpot and place it on your night stand.

Here are just a few suggestions.  If you don't like either of the above plants you can always go with

Spider Plants
Peace Lily
Gerbera Daisies
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Potted jasmine, Potted lavender, Potted gardenia, Sleep inducing plants, Potted plants to help with sleep.

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Easter Tablescape Using Garden Pottery

What a beautiful way to decorate a table for Easter Supper!
Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most stunning!  Here is an easy way to decorate your table for Easter using a few simple garden pots!

The centerpiece and focal point of the table is a large garden urn.  Buy an ivy plant at your local garden center or nursery or better yet go to a craft store and get a piece of silk ivy.  Fill the bottom of the urn or garden pot with floral foam.  Take a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle sticking the ends into the foam.  Place the ivy in the base of the pot and wrap it around the coat hanger.

Next take a reed birds nest and place it on the top of the pot of course filled with a few candy eggs. Shown with a decorative bird on the top but you can use anything you want.   Next take small urns and fill with shredded paper and top with a green apple. The apples will pick up the color of the plates.  The hand painted stone name place cards, ribbons on glasses and brown burlap napkins are all the icing on the cake.  

This project is not that difficult or expensive.  Just break the photo down into the pieces you want to copy and create your own outstanding Easter Centerpiece using Garden Urns or Pottery. 
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Easter Centerpiece Table Tablescape DIY Garden Urn Terracotta Pots Planters Garden Table Idea

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Houseplants That Help Clean The Air

It's been a long hard winter and with spring right around the corner it's time to think of potting up a few house plants to help keep the indoor air free and filtered.  If you start now you will have them well established by next fall and winter when they will really be helpful.

As we all know potted houseplants have a natural filter system that helps keep indoor stale - fresh.  This has been studied by NASA scientists as a way to create a suitable environment in space.  All potted houseplants filter air even if they don't flower.  They can remove up to 90% of chemicals and toxins in the air.  Amazing stuff!

Here is a list to help you get stated. Most can be potted up rather easily and used indoor.  You can use a natural terracotta clay flower pot or compliment your home decor with a bright glazed planter.  It's not the pots that count it's the plant materials. So here goes.

Aloe Vera - We all know this one.  Not only removes formaldehyde from the air but it's gel is great for burns.

Rubber Plants
- Hardy house plants that emit oxygen that removes toxins from the air.

Boston Fern, which most of us like for it's leafy delicate fronds but is know for being the BEST air humidifier.

Chinese  Evergreen - with its flat large leaves add so much beauty when potted for the home but also emits high oxygen content

English Ivy when potted makes the best topiary plants.  Wrap the trailing vine around a bent wire coat hanger and create all kinds of shapes.  It removes the chemical benzene, found in detergents, and cigarette smoke. Who doesn't need one of these.  And, lastly

Fiscus.  We have all had a fiscus around the house.  When potted, they add so much color and life to any corner in your home.  These houseplants will purify the air.

So, find a garden pottery or planter that makes you smile, pot up one of these houseplants and keep the air in your home clean and purified.
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Air Purifier House Planter, Potted Plants & Trees to purify indoor air.  Planter houseplants for indoor air quality.

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St Patrick's Day Flower Pots

Saw this cute idea for Spring & St. Patrick's Day all rolled into one and had to share. 

Start with a clay flowerpot.  We sell terracotta pots from Italy which means you are starting with a compact, smooth clay pot that is known in the pottery industry as the best clay pots available anywhere.  Each pot is formed and then fired in a gas kiln so they are virtually identical. Of course they start with the finest clay material.

Find a green color of acrylic paint. Here you see two different shades which make a great contrast and interest.  Spray or paint the pots, let them dry completely.  Line the rim around the opening of the pot with a ribbon and glue or tape together.  Then drop a plant of your choice inside.  You don't even need to plant directly into the pottery.  So, when the plant looks a bit worn you can just pop it out and put in another kind.  Super Easy!  

These make wonderful gifts for family, friends, neighbors or co-workers.  And, you get to have some fun making them.  It's a win - win situation.  Get your Italian Clay Pots right here at Arizona Pottery. Click here.
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St. Patricks Day Painted Clay Flower Pots Crafts DIY Gift Ideas Fun Decorative Pots for Home & Garden

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Mini Succulent Garden

Saw this in Sunset Magazine and had to share.  Turn a Mint tin into a tiny succulent garden.

Here's how:

A tiny succulent garden that is a doll house size.  Poke a drain hole in a mint tin with a nail, then plant bite-sizes succulents.  Crassula, Echeveria & Sedum in a small amount of soil.  They don't need much. Give as a hostess gift or place at your desk for a bit of green.

How about placing one at each place setting for a formal dinner where each guest can take one home.  Wedding Favor anyone?  Succulents are so popular now, everyone is trying to grow them in
potted gardens, fairy gardens, around the house, vertical walls and so much more.

Give this little idea a go, we know you will love it!
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mini succulent garden in a mint tin, tiny tin filled with succulents, doll house mini succulent garden.

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St Patricks Day Craft Idea


Good Luck St Patrick's Day Craft Idea

Even though it's a few weeks away from St. Patrick's Day or even the beginning of Spring, we saw this clever craft idea using clay pots that would be easy for children to do.  This is fairly easy to do and would make a great gift for a school teacher, friendly neighbor or loving grandparents.  Get the kids together and give it a go.

At Arizona Pottery we love all kinds of holiday crafts using small clay flowerpots. They are perfect for little hands to work with, aren't very expensive and are very easy to turn into easy Holiday DIY gifts & crafts.

Supplies needed are easy and inexpensive.  Masking tape, clay flowerpots, chalkboard paint, gold spray paint and chalk.

Click here to purchase real terracotta clay pot in all sizes.
Click here for complete instructions from start to finish.
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