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Better Berries.....Potted!


You have tried growing herbs in pots, veggies in containers, and flowers in pottery.  Now is the time to give berries a chance.  Here are a few helpful tips to follow.

Pot berry plants in a well draining pottery mix that includes a mix of particle sizes, such as larger composted bark, sand, and peat. Blueberries do best in lighter soils where their fibrous roots can penetrate easily

Raspberries are more adaptable to soil types as long as they are well drained.  Make sure the planter you use is large enough to accommodate the root system and soil and has a drain hole in the bottom to allow excess water to move away from the roots.

Water plants daily during summers hot months and feed them using a organic fertilizer in May, June and July.  Protect the plants from potential damaged from freeze-thaw cycles.  Move the pots into the garage or bury them in the soil and cover with mulch till next Spring

Try to find colorful glazed planters since many of these can handle the changing climates.  If you live in a cold weather state and must leave the potted plants outside, use a poly-resin or concrete planter. The freezing temps won't crack the pots and they will look great from year to year.

Look for flavorful plants.  Medium size flavorful berries are the goal here. Use the fragrance, color and beauty to add to your garden or patio areas. Potted berries are easy to grow, fun to eat and great to look at.  Enjoy!
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Egg Shells In Your Spring Pottery

Happy First Day of Spring!
Here are few fun tips using egg shells to help improve your potted gardens.
Add ground egg shells to the bottom of your potted plants or veggies. This gives the plants a nice dose of calcium which helps stop the blossom end from rotting.

If you have larger pieces of egg shell use them to cover the drain hole so that the soil won't run out.  They are lighter than rocks and they will allow the air flow to move easier into the soil. Over time they will break down and give your potted plants nutrients.

Add finely crushed shells directly to your compost bin. Make sure you crush them up very well or grind them into a powder with your blender.

This is a easy and natural way to add nutrients to the soil you use next season in your potted plants & vegetables.  You can even use a old coffee grinder. Just make sure to clean it out well.
If you have an issue with worms or slugs climbing into your planters, try sprinkling the surface soil with crushed shells. These guys don't like crawling their tender bodies over the sharp shell pieces.  This also works well with pets on indoor potted plants.

Cat's like to scratch the soil but the rough egg shells don't feel nice on their paws to they stay away.
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St Patrick Day Craft Ideas

Here are few fun ideas that you can create with a few small terracotta garden pots, some green paint, glitter, glue and a whole lot of creativity on your part.  Using clay pots for craft ideas has been around for a long time

That is because they are easy to use, easy to purchase, and adorable once completed.  Our pots are from Italy so you are starting with a great base for any craft project.  The clay is smooth, nice and compact and the best made anywhere.  Give it a go and let us know how you did!
Make a stack of Good luck pot hats for a party. Each guest will get to take one home as a party favor.  Paint the pots with green paint, wrap a black band around the base with felt.  Put on a buckle made of felt and gold glitter and add a glitter shamrock. Adorable gift idea.

What a clever way to set your St Patrick Day feast.  Each place setting gets their own decorated terracotta pot to take home.  Paint the pots green, wrap a ribbon around the rim and glue on a gem stone for a buckle. Add a glitter shamrock and glue on each guest name.  These pots are really cute.

This clay pot craft idea is really for those of you who want a challenge. It's more complicated but as you can see well worth the work.  This project needs 2 clay pots and one clay saucer.  The base is a flower pot turned upside down, painted and decorated with green felt designs.
The next is the saucer painted green and inside the pot saucer is the final pot that is holding the candle.  Use as a centerpiece of your St Patty's Day Celebration.
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Feel Invincible With These Potted Veggies

It's so easy to pot up a few healthy vegetables.  In today's world you need all the help you can get when it comes to feeding your family healthy food. Well here's a few types of vegetables that are easy to grow yourself.

Energizer:  Carrots are rich in carotenoids, plant compounds that are shown to improve blood sugar control to ward off tiredness.  Who doesn't need that?  People with a higher carotenoid intake had slimmer waistlines, plus less subcutaneous fat - the jiggly surface kind - and visceral fat - the hart harming type.  So, get a nice large clay planters and get going.

Detoxifier - Radishes help cleanse the body of energy draining toxins. These veggies are natures top source of glucoraphasatin, a unique phytochemical that boosts the activity of detoxification enzymes in the body.  They delivery molybdenum, an antioxidant mineral that helps fight free radical damage.  Go to your local garden center and get them.

Immunity booster - Turnip roots and their greens are high in vitamin C. This powerhouse antioxidant strengthens immunity, wards off weight gain and eases anxiety.  The credit goes to C's ability to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

These are just of the few vegetables that you can pot and grow at home. Not only will they add food to the table, create better health, and add color and fragrance to your garden or patio area, but they are fun to grow!
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Tipsy Pots

You will tumble head over heels for this leaning tower of clay pots.
A cinch to create and ultra frugal to make, this unique garden planter commands a second look.  Fill the clay pots with herbs or colorful ornamentals and create a unique display.

Pick a level spot in your garden area.  Drive a 66" piece of re-bar 2 feet into the soil. Surround the base with newspaper to prevent weeds from growing.  Then place a 12" round clay pot at the base, threading the re-bar through the drain hole.

Fill the pot with soil so that the next pot has something to rest on. Press the soil down and water till firm.  Take a 10" terracotta clay pot,
tilt it so one side of the base rests on the soil below.

Thread the next 3 pots and tilt them in opposite directions so the weights are distributed evenly.  Add plants to the tipsy pots.  Make sure to leave 1 1/2" space at the top of each pot.  That way, when you water, the soil won't run off.  Finally add a layer of much over the newspaper on the ground.
Now, enjoy watching your flowers bloom!
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Gardening More Accessible

Here are a few tips on making container gardening easier for people of all ages and abilities.  Age, injury, limited mobility, and other factors can pose challenges to working in your yard or garden. But, don't let this stop you from having fun and creating enjoyment.  In fact, people who can't get out and dig in the garden   are among those who benefit the most from potted planters.

Choose containers that bring plants up to a height that eliminates bending and minimizes reaching.  Place the pottery in areas that are easy to access - like along a paved pathway, on a patio or outside a kitchen door

Don't forget you can always pot indoors.  Set heavy or large pots on casters or
pot caddies to make them easier to move.  Window box planters are often a good choice, because they can be tended to and enjoyed from the inside and outside

Set up benches and other places to rest, preferably with shelter from sun or wind.  Elevate the containers so you can reach them if you are sitting down. Use the right tools.  Many times you don't need full-sized tools and can do the job just as well with small hand tools.  Wear a tool pouch or apron so you can keep them close at hand and don't need to bend over when you need them.

Grow plants on trellises or make a vertical garden.  Start small with easy to care plants and small garden pottery.  Choose plants who mature size fits the spot to minimize pruning chores.  Include fragrant potted plants like herbs, soft fuzzy lamb's ears, ornamental grasses that rustle in the breeze, or plants that attract birds or butterflies.

Place houseplants where they are easy to see and care for.  Create tabletop gardens accessible on all sides.  Use pulleys on hanging baskets so you can raise or lower them when tending their need.

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