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Grow A Salad Bar In A Garden Container


Salad Bar Garden Containers

Have you noticed that more and more people are getting into planting the items they will use in small amounts and not investing in huge gardens they can’t afford in time and money.


We suggest getting the largest planters you can afford that will fill your space and fill them with items that compliment each other.  Here we suggest a salad bar potted container that is functional and beautiful.  Without requiring a lot of work or money.


Plant lettuces, and greens like spinach, swiss chard, and assorted greens.  Then add some herbs like thyme, rosemary and basil.  Be sure and put in parsley.  We love flat leaf and also curly parsley for decoration on plates.  Put up a garden planter with cherry tomatoes or scallions.


Think of all the wonderful healthy plants you can grow in a garden planter right outside your kitchen door for easy access.  If you have room plant onions, and carrots.  All of these types of vegetable do wonderful in large garden pottery filled with fresh potting mix.

Grow your own salad bar in a planter and we think you will really enjoy it.

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Tips For Beautiful Patio Containers

Tips for beautiful patio or porch containers

1.  Bigger is always better.  If you start with a large garden planter it provides more room for the plants roots to grow.  A large piece of pottery needs less watering since there's more soil to hold the moisture.  And if you put our pot filler in the bottom of the pot it helps to retain the moisture.


2.  Water your watering.  Water a potted planter when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch.  Your potted plants do not want to have their roots in standing water.  It promotes disease and rot.  Too much water is just as bad as not enough.


3.  All Potted planters need to be placed in a flowerpot that has a drain hole.  This makes sure there is proper drainage.  Again, you don't want your potted plants sitting in standing water.

4.  The best way to start your new plantings for Spring is to make sure to use a slow release fertilizer.  By doing this you are giving your newly planted flowers & plants the best start.


5.  Don't skimp on plant materials either.  When planning your container design make sure you have more than enough flowers, plants or herbs to fill the pottery.  A flowerpot overflowing with lush green plants or colorful flowers looks better than sparse plantings.  Unfortunately, you will have to prune more and cut back but that's better than the opposite.


6.  When it comes to soil for your home and garden planters do NOT use garden soil.  It is best to start with organic potting soil for these containers that you purchase at your local garden center or nursery.

7.  Read all plant tags.  Make sure that plants or flowers you put in one garden pot are meant to go together, and requite similar water needs and sunlight.


8.  Try to mix it up when it comes to tall plants in the center of the garden container and low spillers around the outside. That makes the best looking display.

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Organic Growing In Pottery


Organic growing in containers versus in the ground.


Believe it or not there are some differences in growing organically in the ground versus your garden
containers.  Just head these tips and you will have great success.


When a gardener plants into a gardening container or flowerpot they may start with lots of organic plant material and fertilizer but they will still have to add additional nutrients throughout the growing season since you do not have those other ground bugs helping out.


You can still purchase organize fertilizer but this is just something to consider when growing in clay, ceramic, poly resin or other garden containers and pottery.

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A Pretty Way To Make Herbs Last

 160 Make Herbs Last In A Pretty Way By Potting

The pretty way to make store purchased herbs last!

 165 Indoor Potted Herbs That Look Pretty

Do your purchased herbs tend to wilt in a few days after bringing them home from the local grocery store? Pull them out of the refrigerator and cut the stems. Then arrange them in a pretty mini vase, ceramic flowerpot or glass ball jar.

 161 Potted Herbs

Fill the bottom of the vase or flowerpot with a few inches of fresh water. Snip the leaves when necessary. Be sure and change the water daily.

 162 Indoor Potted Herbs

This is good for herbs like parsley, mint and dill.

 163 Potted Indoor Herbs

If you do this not only will they last a week at room temperature but they create a lovely, fresh and natural display for a kitchen counter or breakfast eating table.

This is both functional and beautiful.

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