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Fall Fireworks


Trees, shrubs, and frost tolerant grasses and perennials ignite a passion for the glories of autumn when planted in your garden pottery & plant containers.
Wrapped in blazing gold and firey red with flickers of violet blue, an autumn landscape captures all the colors of a flame, and it's just mesmerizing.  Sit outside under a blazing tree canopy and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.  Don't leave your garden plants sitting empty.  Fill with fierce bold colorful plants and finish the look.

The variety of
potted plants make any patio or garden area inviting with this lovely glow.  Witch hazel draws the eye and feet to the sweetest surprise by creating a fire bowl, stuffed full of this plant.  Blue notes included Lambs ear, blue spruce and blue gray ornamental grasses. Gold spirea and golden mop cypress, potted, add bring yellow green pops so plant them in traditional terracotta or bold colorful garden planters.
You don't have to have a big plan.  Just go with the idea that right now a touch of color is enough to make you want to wander into your yard and adore the beauty.
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Add Some Outdoor Organizers!


To keep a yard looking it's best, and deck or patio areas inviting, you need lots of stuff.  Pots, soil, garden tools etc...... But leaving hoses, and pool toys laying around when they are not in use looks messy. 

That's why outdoor organizing tools, like some of the ones shown here can come in handy.  The pay-off is if you can store these items nearby you are more likely to put them away.  Making the process of collecting and the items and then returning them closely is the key!

There are many potting tables and organizer available at your local garden center or nursery. However, you can use many items you already have.  A trunk or bench that has a lid can store many garden pots and garden tools out of sight and then do double duty as a garden bench or place to sit.  A old chest becomes a potting bench when you can store your soil and garden planters on it.  We have seen old sinks come back to life when used as a basin to wash pots or planters in.

Use your imagination and you can come up with some great ideas
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Raise Your Own Collards in Pots

 16027 Arizonapottery-Pottery-Post-Blog
The luscious leaves of collard greens look as good as they taste!
Easy and versatile, collards have graced Southern gardens and tables for generations.  A cousin to kale and cabbage, these nutritious, leafy greens thrive in the cooler weather of fall and early spring.

Plant:  Depending on where you live, you can plant collards in late summer and early fall.  Use a large enough garden planter that they have room to root up!  The love growing in garden containers, so use any large planter that you have or treat yourself to a new colorful style from Arizona Pottery.  Some favorites are "Champion", "Blue Max" and "Vates".

Nuture:  Collards like to be fed.  Choose a fertilizer high in nitrogen because you are encouraging leaf growth not flowers!  Water regularly and deter collard loving caterpillars, especially in spring, with a insecticide.

Harvest:  Use a small knife or clippers to cut the entire plant about 4" from the soil.  The plant will send new leaves from the remaining stem.  You can also pop off single leaves by hand, starting from the bottom.  Wash well before cooking.
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Light up the Night!


Gardening can be addictive.  Obsessive gardeners are known to keep the midnight oil burning.  Here are a few fun ways to make easy garden lighting.  You should notice that your garden is different world at night, when the insects and moths come out and an occasional bat swoops low and flowers start to emit heavenly scents.  You can still appreciate your garden even in the dark.  But with a few simple ideas of sight, sound and scent you begin to realize that when one is diminished another is heightened.
Hanging jars glisten from above.  Instead of recycling your glass hang them from arbors and branches.  Knot some twine tightly under the edge of the rim of a jars, leaving long, trailing ends on either side to tie the jar to a tree branch.  Fill the jar with sand, rice or bird seed and place a tea candle inside.  Replace the lids when done and keep the rain out.
Leaf wrapped glasses are fun if temporary.  Take a broad leaf and embellish it with a few smaller sprigs.  Then tie the arrangement with raffia around a straight sided glass.  A lighted tea candle inside will show off the structure of the leaves.  They will dry out in a few hours but will still look beautiful.
Lamp globes generate a sphere of soft light.  The large globes from old light fixtures can be balanced on pot feet to create a soft glow ball of light.  Face the opening out of sight and slide in a lighted tea candle.  You can also hang small globes from low lying branches for a more polished look than a canopy of jars.

Milk glass vases are now inexpensive finds at tag sales and thrift stores.  With votive candles inside, they provide beautiful diffused light.  Perfect for little spots of light in out of the way nooks, these charmers add an understated glow to the evening.
We hope you find a few good tips here and create that glowing garden that is stunning!
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