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Candy Corn Pots for Halloween


How to make these painted candy corn pots

We thought these painted candy corn pots were too cute and easy to pass up! Brought to you by

It only takes 3 items to make these adorable pots and you donít even need to be crafty.
1.  Clay pots
2.  Acrylic Paint
3.  Paint Brushes

Find the size of garden pot that you want to start with.  The pots shown are our Italian Terracotta Standard Flowerpots size CM11 but of course you can go larger or smaller depending on the outcome you are looking for.  Our Italian pots are made with the highest standards and firing process, which create a smooth finish that is easy to paint on.

Mark on the sides of the pots with pencil or painters tape where you would like the lines to be.  Turn the pots upside down and start to paint in the different sections.  It will take a couple of coats before you get a full color with no bleed.  Try to make the  pots look like candy corn so start with the yellow bottom, orange middle and white around the lip.

Let dry completely.  Take small plastic bags and fill with candy corn. Tie the top with twine and then put a black ribbon over it and make a bow.


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How To Overwinter Geraniums!

As we wrap up the planting season and head into winter, we wanted to share this great tip we saw on how to store potted geraniums for winter.  You can move them indoors and store them as potted houseplants if you have the room, or you can let them go dormant for a few months in storage and then repot them for spring.

While storing potted plants for winter is only somewhat frugal you may want to hang onto them since the colors of potted geraniums vary from season to season.  Below are a few suggestions you could use to help keep them till Spring.

Dig up the geraniums, sort them by color if you want to keep track, gently shake off any loose soil from the roots and remove any dead leaves, flower heads or buds. Check for aphids, spider mites, fungal gnats, and other little insects.  Clip off any mold or rotted areas.  Now you can either repot the plants and keep them as houseplants or let them go dormant till you pot them up next Spring.

Place the plant in a paper bag and label with the plant name and color of flowers.
Place the plant upside down in the bag with the roots sticking out. Gently tie the bag shut with string.  Hang the bag in the basement or garage.  Check monthly for any signs of mold or rot.  Remove those areas.  After a few months' time you can pot them in fresh container mix and a wonderful garden planter.

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Arizona Pottery NEW Colored Clay Pottery

Arizona Pottery Colored Clay Garden Planters

We are so happy and proud to introduce a new line of clay
pottery. For years we have been working with the most well know and highest qualify clay manufacturer in Italy. This year they have introduced a new line of clay pottery that is made with colors not normally seen in garden pottery.   New styles and size add to the excitement we feel when presenting this line to our customers. Just look at the photos below to see these wonderful new clays!

Graffite - grey clay
White Terracotta - a lighter shade of red clay
Moka - chocolate brown clay
Terracotta - our usual red with new styles

Graffite is a light shade of grey. Perfect for a contemporary setting where you want something unique instead of the red clay you see at every garden center.  These planters are frost resistant, made of eco-friendly materials.  We introduce new styles and sizes all done in this stunning graffite color.

Graffite Grey Clay Garden Pottery From Arizona Pottery

Moka clay:  This chocolate brown clay is very different and a best seller already.
Moka lends itself to a traditional and contemporary setting.  Its rich color is a great compliment to any green plant or group of colorful flowers. This line of planters come in rectangles, squares, and standard shapes.  Eco-friendly and frost resistant makes these a superior product for planters.


White terracotta
:  Have you ever heard of this?  It's a clay that is much lighter than the typical red clay terracotta but still have the same color hues.  New styles and sizes in this line make it even more exciting.  Eco-friendly and frost resistant also makes them in high demand.

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Create a Driftwood Planter!


How to create a driftwood garden planter for succulents

We have seen this fad a lot in the last year or so and thought we would give you a few tips if itís something that you would like to try.  These are rustic & snazzy looking succulent planters, and so easy to make.  Remember garden pottery will come in many sizes and styles and each one will be unique and original.  Finding different items that can be used as a plant pot is fun.

Start with a piece of driftwood.  They come in many sizes and shapes so find a piece that will fit where you want to display it.  If you are lucky and live by the beach, take a stroll and see if you can find something that will meet your needs.  If you can find a piece that has a natural hole already in it then great, if not that you will have to make a center opening that you can fill with the succulents.

Next, select the succulents that you will use to fill the hole in the driftwood planter with. If itís going to be displayed outside then find succulents that like the cold.  Next fill the hole with moss to lay down a foundation for the plants.  You can use hot glue to hold it down if necessary.  Then start adding your plants to create your perfectly unique driftwood  planter.   Pack them in tight so they will all help to hold them in place.  Once they settle in and start to grow they will fill in the holes naturally.

Once you get the look that you desire let the planter sit for a day before watering.  Now water away and make sure the moss and root system of the succulents are moist.  Because itís pretty fragile and shallow you will have to water more often than you would with a garden
pot.  Keep on loving this decorative succulent planter and it will last for quite some time.

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Start Now To Plant Spring Bulbs


Fall is here so now is the time to be thinking about planting the spring bulbs you have been dreaming about all year.

Whether you plant them in your garden or are thinking about trying to pot them up in a garden container, the fact remains that these flowers are stunning. And, so easy to grow! With a little effort up front you will be blessed with a ton of colorful flowers. The best part is that every year they will expand and increase in volume. Who can ask for anything better than that?

There are a few ways to pot up bulbs but we would like to give you more details on how to stack them inside a garden flowerpotOf course, the first thing you must do is select the container that you will use to pot in. Do you like terracotta, the natural clay pottery that breathes and ages over time? Maybe you prefer a high shine glazed planterJust make sure that whatever planter you select you want to have enough room for the bulbs to stack. The larger the pot the larger display of color you will be rewarded with. Also, make sure that there is a drain hole in the bottom. If it doesnít then you can read more here about how to drill your own hole.

First, select the type of bulbs you want. Go to your local Nursery or Garden Center or order online. Most bulbs will need 6 to 8 inches of soil at a minimum. Take into account how tall they will grow. Since we are going to stack them, start by putting the larger bulbs on the bottom of the pottery. Did you put the pointed end up? Good! Cover with about 2 inches of soil and then start your next layer putting the smaller ones on top. When you pot them like this the smaller will bloom first next spring and the larger will fill in after. Try to have at least 7 bulbs in a pot and remember that the more bulbs the more blooms.

Lastly always use new and good potting soil. You canít use dirt out of the ground for many reasons. Fill your pot with potting soil up to a few inches from the rim. Then move the pots inside the garage if they canít stay out all winter. Your bulbs may like the cold but not all garden pottery is meant to sit outside. Then when the weather starts to warm up move them outside and place in a sunny spot.

Good luck and share with us how you did!

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3 Creative Garden Planter Ideas


Using a wheelbarrow for a garden planter
 is so easy to do and just adorable. We saw this on Midwest Living website and wanted to share it with you.  Filled with seasonal mums, purple flowers kale and purple tinged leaves of bugleweed, this idea is clever.  Place in your yard where it can be seen by visitors and passer-buys.  Perfect for Fall!

Colander Garden Container - A vintage colander makes a great container garden.  It already comes with drain holes!  This one is extra cute planted with parsley and polka dot plant. If this pot was filled with herbs it would be perfect on a kitchen counter. Placed on a patio or garden table it adds color and charm to any area.  If you have a metal container, get paint for metal at any Home Depot store and paint the colander a bright color.  Bold colored planters are perfect in any yard!

Here is a tried and true garden idea.  Take old tires, paint they a eye catching color and fill them with potting soil and bright colored flowers. Mount on a barn, shed or patio wall where you need some extra charm. These make great garden containers and can be potted as easy as a planter.
There are a ton or more fun items that you can turn into garden planters. Old file cabinets, vintage crock pots, a child's toy wagon & much more. Just get imaginative and your yard and garden areas will look original, playful and colorful.
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pottery pots terracotta planters containers flowerpots clay pottery landscape planters garden pots gardening

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How To Create A Faux Weathered Flowerpot


Have you ever wondered how super crafters can turn a plain
terracotta clay pot into a weathered looking planter?  Well, we found this on and had to pass it along.  It looks like one of the easiest projects that you can do and the results are outstanding & beautiful.  Tag along and we will share what we learned.
What you will need:
Clay garden pots of any size (yes we have them, click here)
2 paper plates
Small-medium sizes paint brush
Pure white primer or flat paint
Furniture wax
Plastic spoon or knife
Sanding block

First, dust the pots off and dry rag them to make sure no clay dust is present.  Pour the primer on one paper place, and add a little wax. Mix well with a plastic spoon until smooth.  Dip your brush lightly into the paint, just enough to barely cover the bristles, then swipe it several times onto the clean paper plate to remove excess.  You are going for a dry brushed look and don't want to saturate the pot with paint.
Brush paint all around your garden pot.  Since you are using very little paint, the pots will dry quickly. Take a sanding block and sand all around the pot in the direction of the paint. Use both heavy and light pressure to leave some spots with more paint than others and where the clay shows though.

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