Pool Scuppers
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Pool Scuppers

Stone and concrete pool scuppers in the finish of your choice

The term "scupper" was originally used to describe the opening on a boat deck that allows water to drain away off the boat decking. In swimming pool design, a scupper bowl works much the same way, allowing water to flow from the pot into the pool. Pool scuppers can range from a single bowl to multiple scupper bowls aligned side-by-side. The shape and size of your pool scupper determines the overall look of the water flowing out.

Pool scuppers, also known as water bowls or spill bowls, add an element of luxury to any swimming pool. Whether you want a traditional rustic look or a more contemporary feel, this is a great way to achieve the style you want. Our pool scuppers are made from concrete, which delivers a sense of sophistication to your landscape. They blend well with everything from concrete to natural flagstone and other pool surfaces. Pool scuppers look great with existing water features like waterfalls and can help balance the design of your pool. We offer custom made pool scupper pots with your choice of colors and finishes. All our pool scuppers are made in America and can be ordered with or without a drain hole.

Never go through another pool season with an unadorned pool! Choose a pool scupper below to order directly or learn more about wholesale pool scupper orders.


           * Specialty Colors - Total order must be 675 pounds or higher