Concrete Bird Pot Feet Set/3
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Concrete Bird Pot Feet Set/3 - Bird Pot Feet | Concrete Bird Pot Feet | Concrete Pot Feet | Arizona Pottery Pot Feet | Animal Pot Feet | Pottery Feet
Concrete Bird Pot Feet Set/3
Product ID# NBG02-set

Made in American using a durable concrete mix,  these decorative bird pot feet will help prevent your pottery from sitting in standing water. We recommend that you support the flowerpots saucer or the garden pot up off the surface of your deck or patio so the concrete bird pot feet can provide crucial drainage and air circulation needed for plant health and longevity, as well as protect your surfaces, allowing for easy cleaning and drip tubing. It depends on how big the pot is when deciding how many feet to use per pot. We recommend 3 clay pot feet for a small pot and 4 for larger pots, squares or rectangle planters.

Size Price Width I.D. Height
Set of 3 $30.00 4.00" 2.50"
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