Frank Lloyd Wright American Systems Planter

Frank Lloyd Wright Planters & Urns

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Frank Lloyd Wright American Systems Planter
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Our Frank Lloyd Wright American System House garden planter is a tall bullet-shaped garden planter that sits on a square base. With its unique shape and deep body, it can hold many different kinds of plant materials. From colorful flowers & shrubs to palms & trees and will be fun to decorate. Sitting on a square pedestal base it has stability and style. Perfect flanking an entryway, sitting next to a pillar or on a patio next to a blank wall. This planter is large and lovely. This Frank Lloyd Wright planter is the tallest garden planter in this collection.

When you want to elevate your landscape materials, our Frank Lloyd Wright American System planter is the answer.  It's unique shape and height means it will fit in most outdoor decor, whether traditional or modern.  This sandstone planter designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is highly functional as well as beautiful.  Crafted with exceptional detail it really will fit into most landscape designs.  Now is the time to finally turn your outdoor decor into a home for this piece of art & history.  Arizona Pottery proudly sells these Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction pieces!

- Made in America
- Dry Mix Sandstone
- With or Without Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available
- Sealant Available - Adds A Slight Sheen & Prevents Natural Patina Process
- All planters come with plastic pads or 1" x 1" x 2" pot feet dependent on total weight

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NFLWASBHL $1,693.00 30.00" 25.00" 43.75"
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These contemporary reconstituted stone garden containers are hand cast using a dry mix technique that incorporates concrete. Used in Europe for centuries, dry cast stone has proven itself to be durable & high-quality pottery. This Frank Lloyd Wright garden planter comes in two cast stone pieces where the cone-shaped top rests on the square base.

Wright designed a system of inexpensive homes that could be ordered from a Wisconsin Developer out of a catalog. This vase could be ordered as an option. He pursued his vision of a method of building homes in his style of architecture on a large scale while ensuring a wide variety of choices for his clients. This American Systems vase is one of the options of outdoor planters that could be utilized. This piece of pottery is authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona and has been developed with the cooperation of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio Foundations and the Robie House Museum Properties of the National Trust for historic preservation. A portion of the sales of these planters supports the conservation and education programs of these institutions.  Each planter is assigned a numbered Frank Lloyd Wright signature plaque to distinguish its place in the frank Lloyd Wright Stoneware collection.

Planter arrives in a wood crate Installation Suggestions Click Here.
The freight company will place the crate within 10 feet of the truck & do not unpack or install it.
2 piece planter - Cleaning & Care Instructions

Discover the elegant beauty and high quality workmanship of our Frank Lloyd Wright vases.  Each style is a architectural design featuring clean, simple lines and premium materials.  Use in a garden setting where these planters add a artistic touch along with functionality.  Fill these Frank Lloyd Wright containers with colorful flowers, evergreen plants, or palms.  They will transform your home or garden landscape into a lovely welcoming outdoor or indoor space.  Whether you have landscaping decor that is modern or traditional, these Frank Lloyd Wright versatile designed containers will blend into your patio, entryway, garden or interior perfectly.  Garden art at it's finest!