Sandstone Warwick Square

Sandstone Pottery

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Sandstone Warwick Square - Large Square Sandstone Garden Containers & Planters | 5 Color Choices | Durable and High Quality.
Sandstone Warwick Square
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Locating square and rectangle garden pottery is difficult to do. This is because it is hard to manufacture a square corner planter and while most manufacturers won't even try anymore, ours makes multiple styles to choose from. A decorative square with clean lines,  that is huge, simple, and functional makes these planters top sellers. Large enough to hold flowers, shrubs, palms, cactus, or even trees, these pieces of yard pottery work in all landscape designs.  Get your tape measure out because these are big!

Our reconstituted stone containers are hand cast using a dry mix technique that incorporates concrete. Smooth, velvety finish and texture - these planters are truly a piece of art as well as a functioning piece of garden pottery. Used in Europe for centuries, dry cast stone has proven itself to be durable and high-quality pottery.

All planters come with plastic pads or 1" x 1" x 2" pot feet dependent on total weight.

- Made in America
- Dry Mix Sandstone
- With or Without a Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available

Size Price Top Base Height
NWS24 $474.00 24.00" x 24.00" 24.00" x 24.00" 24.00"
NWS30 $677.00 30.00" x 30.00" 30.00" x 30.00" 30.00"
NWS36 $947.00 36.00" x 36.00" 37.00" x 37.00" 30.00"
NWS36 $1,403.00 36.00" x 36.00" 37.00" x 37.00" 36.00"
NWS42 $1,920.00 42.00" x 42.00" 42.00" x 42.00" 42.00"
NWS48 $2,267.00 48.00" x 48.00" 48.00" x 48.00" 36.00"
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