Gardening with Kids Book
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Gardening with Kids Book
Gardening with Kids Book
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126 full-color pages
Step-by-step instructions
9.50" x 11.00" inches
Hardcover - 2008

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"Gardening with Kids" offers the perfect introduction to the joy of gardening.  It contains all the necessary information to get green-thumbed kids started, along with 35 fun, vibrantly illustrated growing and crafting projects for boys and girls of all ages.

Arizona Pottery is proud to introduce this beautifully illustrated book that features many of our pieces of pottery. First and foremost, there is a wealth of information about the basics, from choosing and preparing your site, and growing seeds, bulb and cuttings, as well as plants purchased from the local garden center.  Next, the growing section suggests a whole host of amazing projects.  Activities include making a herb garden, planting a tower of pots, and growing strawberries in our strawberry jar.  Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and you can't go wrong.