Italian Terracotta Lipped Cylinder

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Italian Terracotta Lipped Cylinder - Large Cylinder Landscape Container | Made in Italy | Real Terracotta Clay
Italian Terracotta Lipped Cylinder
Product ID# TD113
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Italian terracotta clay is material as old as man himself, and which continues to lovingly take care of our garden plants. A cylinder shape is perfect for dropping a nursery grow pot directly into the terracotta planter without having to plant directly into the pot. Basically straight sides with a very little taper to them make planting easy.

By doing this it makes changing out your seasonal plant materials easy & convenient. This shape of clay garden pottery has been a best seller for many years because it's great for flowers and evergreen shrubs like topiary, with deep root systems.  They also look great filled with succulents and bulb flowers.

Our terracotta clay cylinder has those nice straight sizes and rolled rim lip at the pot's opening. From small to very large these planters get big so get a tape measure out! Size cm55 is too large to ship in a box so call for a freight quote.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
cm12 $10.00 4.50" 3.50"
cm18 $14.00 7.00" 5.25"
cm23 $24.00 9.00" 7.00"
cm28 $36.00 11.00" 8.50"
cm33 $60.00 13.50" 10.00"
cm38 $90.00 15.25" 11.50"
cm43 $111.00 17.50" 13.00"
cm48 $210.00 19.50" 14.50"
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Size Saucer
cm18 cm19
cm23 cm23
cm28 cm31
cm33 cm31
cm38 cm36
cm43 cm41
cm48 cm46