Concrete Lion Pot Feet Set of 3
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Concrete Lion Pot Feet Set of 3 - Lion pot feet | Arizona Pottery Pot Feet | Concrete Pot Feet | Home and garden Pot Feet | pot feet | Animal Pot Feet
Concrete Lion Pot Feet Set of 3
Product ID# DS-PLW39030
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Lion Concrete Pot Feet. We love our ornate Lion pot feet. Each individual piece of cast stone concrete is meticulously detailed. With its large regal mane sticking out from under your garden pottery or planters, our concrete lion pot feet will add elegance and dramatic touch to your garden planters.  As he bows his head our majestic lion supports each planter while an added piece of garden decor that is embellishing and functional. Add some artistic decor to your garden planters & pottery with our fanciful pot feet.

Every garden container needs pot feet. If you have never heard of them before we want to tell you that all pot feet serve 2 purposes. First off, they prevent your garden planters from staining the surface beneath them. Most importantly, pottery feet allow for airflow under the container which allows the soil to dry out completely between watering. Without pot feet, there isn't space under for the water to drain out faster. The airflow that is created from pot feet is also very healthy for the roots of the potted plants. Our concrete pot feet are made from cast stone and are hand finished and cured, a top coat of invisible water repellent and protective sealant is applied. This means our concrete pot feet are not only decorative but durable and functional.

- Make in America
- Cast Stone Concrete with Integrated Coloring
- Sealed for Outdoor Use
- Ships Factory Direct
- Two Week Manufacturing Time

Size Price Width Height Depth
Set of 3 $69.00 4.00" 6.00" 6.00"
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