Concrete Wok Scupper Pool Pot
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Concrete Wok Scupper Pool Pot - Concrete Scupper Pool & Water Pots: Arizona Pottery
Filled with river roc On different levels. Side by Side Filled with large jagged stone. Filled with stones On pedestals
Concrete Wok Scupper Pool Pot
Product ID# CO27
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Complete your swimming pool design with concrete woks, pool scuppers and other types of pool pots.

A wok bowl has rounded edges and simple design. We have the very best concrete pool scupper pots in the industry. Since 2000 we have been working with the same manufacturer located right here in Arizona. They have the highest quality concrete mix that uses a stone harvested from Sedona Arizona. Once poured the molds cure for at least 10 days to harden and strengthen. You get a choice of 15 colors and 2 finishes. Sandblasting is 15% more but it exposes the grey, black & white flecks of color in the mix and makes the pots look like stone with a rough texture. All pots come with air pockets, which is one of these manufacturers' characters. Durable, stunningly beautiful and perfect for any pool or water feature, these scupper pots will not disappoint.
Available in single, double & triple scupper spouts.

- Made in America
- Concrete Mix
- With or Without a Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable.
- Color Samples Available.

Size Price Width Height Spout
SWS2107 $191.00 21.00" 7.00" 2.00"
SWS2709 $253.00 27.00" 9.00" 2.50"
SWS3311 $350.00 33.00" 11.00" 3.00"
SWS3913 $443.00 39.00" 13.00" 3.50"
DSWS3311 Double $477.00 33.00" 11.00" 3.00"
TSWS3311 Triple $463.00 33.00" 11.00" 3.50" 90 degree
TSWS3913 Triple $507.00 39.00" 13.00" 3.50" 45 degree
TSWS3913 Triple $507.00 39.00" 13.00" 3.50" 90 degree
Spout dimensions are inside length.
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