Phoenix Concrete Wok Pedestal

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Phoenix Concrete Wok Pedestal
Product ID# CO19

Our Arizona Pottery concrete wok pedestals match the CO16 wok bowl outdoor planters.  Available in the sizes of pedestal that match the size of bowl offered which give it a seamless look and provides height & character to your outdoor landscape display.  Why would you want a concrete pedestal?  A decorative concrete pedestal can add elegance to the design of the pottery and make space for it in a crowded patio corner or deck.  Pedestals will elevate a simple wok style of pot and gives it more character.  Mix and match sizes and heights to create a desirable outdoor landscape display

- Made in America
- Colored Concrete Mix
- With or Without a Drain Hole
- Special Order Item and Not Returnable
- Color Samples Available
- 15% Up-charge for Sandblasted Finish
- 15% Up-charge for an all-over satin finish seal

Size Price Fits Weight
DP21 $95.00 21.00" 45 lbs
DP27 $140.00 27.00" 73 lbs
DP33 $180.00 33.00" 150 lbs
DP39 $250.00 39.00" 192 lbs
DP48 $454.00 48.00" 450 lbs
Shipping charges are determined by the weight of the order and the ship-to address. Due to the weight involved, concrete must be ordered through the phone.
Call 800-420-1808 for a shipping quote.


* Specialty Colors - Total order must be 675 pounds or higher

Our concrete garden pottery and pedestals are manufactured in Arizona using a high-quality concrete mix and mold process. This secret concrete mix includes a volcanic rock harvested in Sedona, Arizona. Compact, durable, and available in 15 color choices make these planters the perfect concrete garden containers for any Home & Garden project. Each mix is colored before pouring so any future chips will be hardly noticeable. Choose your color, your finish & your drain hole preference and we will have your planters manufactured just for you!

Since 1992, our supplier has manufactured this line of luxury concrete planters, site furnishings & landscape accessories.  Over the years they have added new designs but still maintained the same quality product of concrete planters, saucers, benches, trash & ash and more.  Traditional, Contemporary, Tuscany & more designs mean this line of concrete outdoor planters will surly fit in any landscape or outdoor design.  From small concrete pots, perfect for a penthouse or apartment balcony to huge, extra large concrete security planters we sell them all.  Not only are these concrete planters & flowerpots decorative but they are functional.
Each concrete garden planter is produced by an experienced, and talented artisan, who takes pride in providing the highest quality cement garden planters and concrete vases. When it comes to not only finding the perfect patio pottery and planters made from a durable and functional concrete mix, these outdoor cement containers will meet your landscape needs.  We also offer a huge color selection that includes 2 different finishes. A standard finish is a way the concrete garden planter looks when it first comes out of the mold. You then have the option of having the concrete pot sandblasted for a 15% upcharge. This makes the concrete planter look more like stone where you will see flecks of black, white & grey along with the color choice you selected and the surface is rougher.

Air pockets are another feature of this line of concrete planters and containers. They are a common occurrence in a precast pottery product. All concrete precast pots will display air pockets. The frequency and size of air pockets are not controllable in any way. We think this adds a unique character that is a feature of this line of concrete planters and cement pottery. Our line of outdoor large concrete planters and garden pottery are of superior quality, durability, and strength. From delicately detailed concrete urns, vases, planters, and squares to traditional and modern designs of concrete pots large enough to hold a tree, we think you will find what you are looking for in this section. Available in 15 color choices, these concrete planters are the perfect outdoor containers for any Home and Garden project. Each mix is colored before pouring so any future chips will be hardly noticeable. Choose your color, your finish, and your drain hole preference and we will have your planters manufactured just for you!